Democrats are asking the US Congress for more money to fight the virus

After the World Health Organization called the outbreak of monkeypox a global emergency, the US Congress approved funds to combat the disease, but the country’s Senate Democrats have requested more money, so they hope to persuade Republicans. Colleagues can merge their applications.

Despite their arguments, a group of Republicans argued that the public health funding already provided by Congress should be sufficient.

The Democrats’ request comes days after revealing that new cases of monkeypox in the United States have fallen dramatically in recent weeks, with cases reported in the first week of September dropping by nearly half, which was their peak.

However, Democrats are concerned that the country will not have enough doses available if the outbreak grows, even though the federal agency is working to get enough vaccines for people most at risk of monkeypox and they have even tapped into the smallpox vaccine supply. Senator Mitt Romney said, “The administration has been provided ample revenue to be able to deal with medical emergencies of this nature.” The Democrat’s hope lies in what Anthony Fauci and CDC Director Rochelle Walinsky testify about monkeypox before the Senate Health Committee.

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