“Delete it from your phone or don’t use it”: expert advice for mobile to work faster and have better independence

Did you know that you can earn cryptocurrency with one browser? Which browser do you use? Experts figured out their choice, and recommended options to include for safer internet surfing.

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Although they all have the same purpose, it is very important that you choose the right internet browser in which your internet surfing experience will be at the best possible level.

Some internet browsers are known “I like to eat” RAM, While there are those that are included AdBlock Or defend security and privacy.

Most internet browsers may look the same to many users, but they work completely differently, and some have a reputation for battery destruction or less support for protecting and privacy of users than other browsers. It is definitely at the top of the hierarchy of the most popular browsers Google Chrome.

The dominance of the Chrome browser can be found in the fact that it comes on all Android devices, which means that from the start it gains an edge over the competition like Mozilla FireFox, DuckDuckGo, Brave, and Edge And many other things. DuckDuckGo also unveiled it What all ChromeCollects from users.

Google may be king, but that does not mean that it is the best choice for the user when it comes to their internet browser!

If you have Android phone Or if you use Google apps like many people, you will notice major battery and processor slowdown issues. Chrome is especially shocking in this regard. A single page open in Chrome can drain your battery, and most people have multiple pages open in the background– He points to Rex Freiburg, CEO of Gadget Review.

Fragberg Advise to delete Chrome: “Not only because it drains the battery, but due to security issues, this app collects data as well. You will be better off if you use Ecosia. It’s built on the same framework as Chrome, so if you’re not ready for a change, it will make the transition easier. It is lighter, more flexible and does not collect as much data as Google“.

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And, he adds, it’s a great alternative, too EpicBrowser If you want to hide yours IP The title is as embedded VPN: “If you want some money on the side, Brave Browser will make you money Digital currencies While using it“.

If you want to use Chrome And do not intend to change the browser, there are options that will make the application somewhat safer to use, as she reveals Kendas Hilton, Technology expert and operations manager at Ringspo: “Turn on Safe Browsing in Chrome to avoid dangerous websites that may contain malware or spyware. Just open Chrome, click on the three dots in the upper right corner, and select Settings, and then Sync i Google services, And from there turn it on Safe Browsing. You will find a list of security options in this field, if you want additional protection you can include the option Warning you if passwords are disclosed in a data breach“.

Which browser do you use?

  • Google Chrome


  • Mozilla Firefox


  • Microsoft Edge


  • Internet browser


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