“Defeat them in their home games”

FFor all of those who want to agree to US demands that the 2022 Winter Olympics be boycotted in Beijing for political reasons and are upset by the awarding practice of the International Olympic Committee, here’s a reminder: Nine cities have once shown an interest in these games. Toys.

However, seven withdrew before the award in 2015, mostly due to a lack of support from residents. Stockholm, Oslo and Munich were invited too, and all three were bright hosts and had winter sports enthusiasts. What remained was Beijing and Almaty in Kazakhstan, a country with such a critical human rights situation that calls for a boycott would have been loudly if elected. So where is the error?

Mike Irzioni, the captain of the student team that embarrassed the Soviet Union in an ice hockey game in Lake Placid in 1980, spoke recently in the United States. He made his own suggestion on how to deal with Olympic hosts whose politics you do not appreciate as an athlete: “Defeat them in their home matches.”

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