Daniel Seit’s only trump card ahead of the parallel race at Lech

It’s a real bombshell that Justin Morrissier blew up after an October practice session on Diavolesa while having coffee gossip with SonntagsBlick reporter. “Because the FIS did not amend the rules after the unfair race in the World Cup, none of our team will start the parallel race to the World Cup in Lech,” cried the man from Lower Valley! At this moment, Danielle Seit joins the discussion group and asks: “Aren’t you one? I will definitely compete in the race in Lech!”

No, at least since last winter, Set is no longer in the World Cup circus. But the son of a tennis coach who emigrated from Italy, and who grew up in St. Moritz, was treated by Swiss-Ski as invalid for a long time.

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