Da Pratt’s girlfriend Jessica Dupart shades Lizaray McCoy after his public breakdown

Da Pratt's girlfriend Jessica Dupart shades Lizaray McCoy after his public breakdown
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Along with a picture of her casting a judging look at someone behind the camera, the businesswoman says in the comment to the post, “MOOD !! No what was said …”

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Yes, my brotherGirlfriend apparently engaged Lizaray McCoy Summon the rapper in the final episode of “Cocktails with QueensLooking at her since deleted post on Instagram, it’s safe to say Jessica Dupart She did not appreciate what the actress had said to her friend during the show.

When going to the photo-sharing site, Jessica shared a picture of her looking like she was casting a judging glimpse of someone off the camera as she pulled Da Pratt’s hand. She wrote in the post’s caption, “MOOD !! Nah What Was Said …” Although Jessica did not mention names in the post, many quickly concluded that she was talking about LisaRaye given the timing.

Not only that, many people have also warned Jessica not to stay out of their problems because it’s not her specialty. One person said, “If you talk to Lisa it’s not her thing in a family business.” “It is better to shut up before everyone leaves the king’s dressing room,” another advised her.

LisaRaye expressed how pissed off when she learned that Da Brat is coming out of the tabloids rather than the latter itself. However, the actress explained that she is “Happy for you. I am glad you live in your truth.… For you to be so happy and lively, this is a blessing. I appreciate your going out and verbally saying Happy Birthday to me this way, because (expletive) I didn’t hear from you. Months ago. ”

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Her hosts then tried to mediate between the two sisters, but Lisa Ray didn’t appreciate it at all as she kicked them out afterwards. She shouted to her classmates, “I never give away what you all say. You know absolutely nothing. She does. You do. You do.” Viveka A. Fox To say, “Who knew that this surprise was going to go to this remaining king?”

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