Czech president refuses to appoint new foreign minister

The President of the Czech Republic refuses to appoint him as Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan LebowskiPirate Party candidate. Milos Zeman He complains that Lipavsky does not have a higher education degree and is reticent towards Israel and Visgrad Voor, according to Jerry Ovkashik A presidential spokesperson was released from the president’s office on Friday.

The statement said that Milos Zeman believes that the constitution does not obligate him to accept all proposals submitted to him. The president has objections to some of the other ministerial candidates, but is still willing to appoint them.

The President of the Republic said that he ended his meetings with the individual ministerial candidates on Friday morning.

Peter Fiala, the appointed prime minister, announced on Wednesday that he would file a complaint with the Constitutional Court and ask the body to clarify the powers of the head of state if Milos Zeman did not appoint all the people he proposed as ministers. .

I trust that the entire government will be appointed. If the President supports his objections against one of my candidates, I will have to petition the Constitutional Court. That is, in order to clarify once and for all what are the powers of the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister in this regard.

Peter Viala announced.

Fiala revealed in a tweet on Thursday that she had already met Zeman on Tuesday and discussed government formation issues with her. The two politicians are due to meet again on Monday, after which the prime minister-designate wants to outline his next steps. Several parties in the new ruling coalition approved the petition to the Constitutional Court. Vratislav MinarZeman and Fiala will also agree on a date to form the new government on Monday, according to the president’s office chief.

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According to a statement on the president’s website, Milos Zeman has four objections to Jan Lebavsky. He complains that Lebavsky has only a basic university degree and is reluctant to cooperate with Visegrád Czechs and Israel, which he says goes against the government’s programme, and that Lebavsky’s earlier suggestion that displaced Germans would hold annual Sudanese days next year is unacceptable.

Regarding the objections of the head of state, the CTK news agency notes: Jan Hamasek, Departure Andre Babes The First Vice President of the Republic and Minister of the Interior, who temporarily headed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, holds a high school diploma. As for the four Israel and Visegrad, Lipavsky reiterated that he was against cooperating with them.

The legislative debate between the head of state and the prime minister on the issue of ministerial appointment is not really new Vaclav Havel During her presidency and her successors.
The Czech constitution does not explain this. According to the law, the head of state appoints the head of government “and, on his proposal, appoints other members of the government and entrusts them with the management of ministries and other bodies.” So the constitution does not specifically mention the possibility of a presidential veto. However, some Czech constitutional lawyers take this for granted because the president is not a simple “signing machine”, while others argue that the president has a duty to nominate candidates for prime minister.

In the past, however, the appointed prime minister backed down, and compromises were finally reached. Although the need for a decision by the Constitutional Court has been raised several times, so far no particular Prime Minister has taken advantage of this opportunity.

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