Cycling: Women’s Tour Thuringia – Manley makes the perfect hat-trick for Australia

Status: 05/27/2022 09:51 AM

The hat is the perfect trick. Even after the third stage of the Thuringia Women’s Tour, an Australian rider was on top of the podium. For Alexandra Manley, who successfully defended the yellow jersey, this was already her second stage victory.

Australia’s Alexandra Manley won the third stage of the 34th Tour of Thuringia on Thursday (26 May). Round leader, who already He won on the first day in Hofto expand their progression in the overall standings.

After 129.2 kilometers from the start and finish in Dörtendorf, Marta Lach of Poland took second place ahead of Vimke Gierice of the Netherlands. Fourth place went to Ricarda Bauernfeind of Eichstadt. “Unfortunately, I fell on lap three, but it does sometimes. It wasn’t that bad. Otherwise, the track suits me and I’m glad I was able to finish fourth,” Bauernfeind said after a race.

The race of more than 132.5 kilometers around Schles is scheduled to start on Friday. The six-day tour of nearly 700 kilometers concludes on Sunday in Altenburg.

Stages at a glance

The first stage

  • Tuesday 05/24/2022
  • Location: around Hof
  • Length: 99.1 km
  • Winner: Alexandra Manley (Australia)

The second phase

  • Wednesday 05/24/2022
  • Location: around Gera
  • Length: 99.6 km
  • Winner: Georgia Baker (Australia)

third level

  • Thursday 05/26/2022
  • Location: around Dortendorf
  • Length: 133 km
  • Winner: Alexandra Manley (Australia)

The fourth stage

  • Friday 05/27/2022
  • Location: around Schles
  • Length: 132.5 km

level five

  • Saturday 27 May 2022
  • Location: About Gotha
  • Length: 136.1 km

Sixth stage

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