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Bucharest: Claudia Ardelaine, a former Romanian model and winner of various beauty contests, lost her job because of her beauty.

Claudia, 27, holds a BA in Law and a MA in European Ethics. Claudia posted a note on social media announcing that she was offered a job as a club representative on the board of directors of the Romanian Pneumonia Clinic Hospital. Many commented below the post that Claudia got the job due to her beauty. Post Claudia is fired, but the Hospital Board has asked Claudia to resign as criticism mounts. Meanwhile, Claude’s council president, Allen Tess, said he regrets that Claudia was forced to resign. He said the move was aimed at avoiding suspicions and bad news regarding Claudia’s appointment.

താരം Social Media Star

Claudia is a social media star currently working as a legal expert at a local company. Claudia has over 41,600 followers on Instagram alone.

I had all the qualifications for the job, I’m a lawyer. There are two degrees in the law. He also runs his own business. I don’t think beauty plays a role in determining one’s ability and merit –


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The beauty queen’s claims have been fired from a hospital job because she is ‘so pretty’

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