Cuba dedicates celebrations to World Environment Day

The persons and entities involved in this case met in Parque Metropolitano. Photo: Telegra. girl

Awareness of the population about environmental problems and their impact on human health was one of the topics devoted to the activities of the World Health Day, which is celebrated every April 7, this year, and on this occasion, it was headquartered in the Metropolitan. Havana park.

José Moya, PAHO/WHO Representative in Cuba, highlighted the actions that have been implemented in the country to add more people committed to environmental stewardship, in a context marked by the consequences of climate change and an increase in gastrointestinal diseases Emotional and respiratory problems associated with the environment.

José Moya, representative of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) / ​​World Health Organization (WHO) in Cuba.

José Moya, representative of the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization in Cuba insisted that the message be passed on to the new generations in their education and awareness to protect the planet. Photo:

He noted that with the care of forests, water and air, human, animal and plant health is also protected, although there are still tasks to be performed so that the message is passed on to the new generations in their instructions and seize protection. from the planet.

As part of the work of the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization, both organizations advocate nurturing the health of the planet and for people to be at the center of action to promote a movement focused on creating well-being societies.

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Susana Suarez, National Director of Environmental Health at the Ministry of Public Health, said the country’s environmental policy has the premises of preserving biodiversity, avoiding environmental pollution and confronting climate change, so dedicating activities to making it visible is an important progress.

He noted that the moment is ideal to continue carrying out such campaigns in which several institutions in favor of the environment meet, in addition to giving short radio and television shows on this topic to raise awareness.

The event was also attended by Pablo Vail, Director of the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Unit, Adanis Tabawada, Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Environment (SITMA), and Odalis Goicoechea, Director General of Environment at SITMA.

Under the slogan “Our Planet is Our Health”, the participants enjoyed the exhibition of six illustrative areas distributed throughout the venue, hosting projects and circles of interest to children and youth related to the environment, participation games, and outdoor exercises. Air competition, plastic arts, selling plants, natural and traditional medicine.

The commemorative events for World Health Day began on Monday, April 4 and will continue until Saturday, April 9, with entertainment and educational festivals in all provinces, taking advantage of the policy of municipal autonomy and local development, as well as working with vulnerable neighborhoods to integrate and educate everyone with this call for protection.

World Health Day is celebrated on April 7 every year to mark the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization in 1948, this time dedicated to the interdependence between the health of the planet and humans, while furthering a movement to create societies focused on wellness.

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