Cruises, the Mediterranean in the middle of the summer 2021 itineraries

Cruises start again after a forced break. MSC Cruises and Costa Cruises are the first, thanks to stringent protocols that ensure hygienic safety both on board and on the beach. Actions that made the school in terms of the recovery of tourism. Now, new trips.

Costa Cruises has restarted and is targeting the Mediterranean, where 4 ships will be laid next summer. In the western part, there will be the Costa Smeralda (supported by Lng), which offers one-week itineraries (or mini-cruises of 3 and 4 days) with stops in Savona, La Spezia, Civitavecchia, Naples, Messina and Cagliari. From July 3, the proposal also extends to France and Spain. To the west there is also the Costa Ferrenzi, the brand new, Renaissance-inspired, which begins operations July 4 with one-week itineraries from Savona, Civitavecchia, Naples, Catania or Messina, Palermo and Cagliari (in August Malta). Then, from September 12th, the opening will also take place in Spain and France (stops in Ibiza, Barcelona, ​​and Marseille).

Costa Luminosa will operate in the Eastern Mediterranean, offering one-week cruises from Venice throughout the summer with stops in Trieste, Bari, Corfu, Athens, Mykonos, and Catacolon; And Costa Deliziosa, which from June 26 offers a one-week itinerary from Venice with stops in Mykonos (two-day stops), Catacolon, Corfu and Bari.

“Our cruises have resumed and have already received thousands of guests on board. We are seeing a great deal of interest, because people are looking to return to travel after a long time, and they know that they can count with us on high quality of service, food and entertainment, beautiful destinations and an exceptional experience on board. Plane., With enhanced health protocols – he says – commented Carlo Schiavon, Director of the Costa Cruises region in Italy -. Next summer, we have decided to focus on destinations in the Mediterranean, near our European guests, that can be discovered or rediscovered in a unique way. Really. Starting next fall, we will gradually re-introduce ships and other destinations, and they are now available for reservation. ”

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Also of note is the return of international routes outside the Mediterranean for the coming winter. From December 21 until mid-March 2022, the Costa Firenze will be located in the Arabian Gulf for one-week cruises with stops in Abu Dhabi, Doha and Muscat, and longer stops in Dubai, with the possibility to visit the Italian exhibition and pavilion (Costa is the Gold Sponsor). Starting in the summer of 2022, then, four ships will arrive in Northern Europe.

Until MSC Cruises is restarted. Next summer he proposes a series of tracks that still focus on Mare Nostrum. Msc Grandiosa offers 8-day cruises with boarding from Genoa, Civitavecchia, Naples and Palermo. Moreover, from May 1, MSC Seaside entered the line, with 8-day cruises and two new ports: Syracuse and Taranto. At the end of July, MSC Seashore, the largest “white ship” built in Italy, will also arrive for 7 nights from 1 August with stops in Genoa, Naples, Messina, Valletta, Barcelona and Marseille.

Master of Grandiosa

Master of Grandiosa

“For the first time in more than a year, we are seeing a true post-Covid trend: consumer behavior slowly returning to normal and the trend in reservations is giving positive signals not only for the summer, but also for the upcoming winter season – says Leonardo Massa, MSC Cruises’ Italy Country Director -. Our customers can finally choose from the many novelties on offer and can spend their holidays in total relaxation, thanks to our health and safety protocol that has paved the way for the resumption of global cruises since August.Now, thanks to the experience of more than 65,000 guests who have been safely managed for cruises in the White Sea The Mediterranean, we also left in Great Britain and in the coming weeks our cruises will resume on the Adriatic side towards Greece, Croatia and northern Europe. “

In the Eastern Mediterranean, on the other hand, MSC will place three ships (Orchestra, Splendida and Magnifica) for a series of routes departing from Trieste, Venice and Bari, and stops at Piraeus, Dubrovnick, Spalato (Croatia) and Kotor (Montenegro) And in the most beautiful Greek islands. Also worth noting is the resumption from July 3 with MSC Seaview for cruises in Northern Europe (7 nights, base in Kiel, trips to Visby, Stockholm and Tallinn). Moreover, the MSC Virtuosa UK mini-cruise (from Southampton), which runs from 12 June to 7 nights (stops in Liverpool, Greenock, Portland, Belfast). And from November to March 2022, the Red Sea and Saudi Arabia, with 7-night cruises from M sc Magnifica: departures from Jeddah, stops at Ras Al-Abyad, Aqaba (with a visit to Petra in Jordan), Safaga (visit Luxor), Al-Wajh (visit Al-Ula), Yanbu al-Bahr and back to Jeddah.

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