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Rethinking the Street at CorrensLab: From today until October 2, the Münster University of Applied Sciences, the WWU and the City of Münster will present ideas to students in public spaces on Corrensstraße. (Photo: Rina Runge, Münster University of Applied Sciences press office)

In the week of September 29 to October 2 – starting this afternoon – students would like to join CorrensLab In a section of Corrensstrasse with several projects, she shows how public spaces can be designed to be sustainable, oriented towards the common good and with a high quality of residence for all people.

West Münster is on the move: new buildings for research and education are being built around Kornsstrasse. But also new meeting places, diverse public open spaces and more living spaces should shape the urban knowledge areas of the future. Students of FH Münster and Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU) Münster have taken these changes as an opportunity to jointly develop ideas in the summer semester 2021 on how to make this process sustainable and high-quality accommodation for all. Student ideas will be presented by students at CorrensLab from September 29 to October 2 and put forward for public discussion: in two of the four lanes, students will attempt to experiment and present concepts in practice that address a sustainable future for Münster. Oriented towards the common good.

Says Professor Dr. Petra Teitscheid of the University of Applied Sciences Münster, who is also Project Director of CorrensLab: In the Science Alliance Sustainable Urban Development Working Group, partners from Science and the City are leading the further development of Münster as a sustainable science city. “Students make up the Corrensstrasse area. We should definitely include them and their ideas when redesigning the quarter,” emphasizes Teichide. City Planning Officer Robin Denstorff is delighted with the students’ great commitment: “I am delighted that the students are contributing their diverse creative ideas to the future design of ‘Urban Knowledge Quarters’ in West Münster.” – 30-50 “Picked – more life and quality of residence in the areas of knowledge.

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Mr. Dr. Christian Cray and Professor Dr. Samuel Mosner of the University highlights another important impact of the project: “Quite new collaborations have already emerged between the two universities, but also with the city, and existing connections have been expanded. This means that Münster is in an ideal position to deal with the processes of urban change.”

Corrensstrasse will remain accessible in both directions during the event, and Heisenbergstrasse and Röntgenstrasse can also be used without restrictions. There are no changes to bus traffic. From the Münster University of Applied Sciences, the Departments of Civil Engineering and Ecology – Facilities Management, of WWU Münster, the Institutes of Geography and Geographical Information as well as the Institute of Political Science participate. From the city of Münster, the Münster Marketing, Town Planning Office, Office of Mobility and Civil Engineering are supporting the exciting Alliance for Science project.

In addition to the project standing on mobility, environment, engagement and encounters in the city, there is a diverse support program with live music, lectures, refinement theater and much more. Come by ‘Attract students of different disciplines to visit their projects on Kornsstrasse,’ whether during lunch break for Elbén pancakes, in the afternoon for coffee and cake or after work for Pinkus beer and Liba lemonade!”

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