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The number of cases of Covid virus in the world exceeded 79.5 million data Issued by Johns Hopkins University, while the number of confirmed deaths has exceeded 1.7 million since the start of the epidemic. In Italy, the most recent balance, relative to today, December 25, is 19,037 new cases and 459 deaths (World Health Organization Handout with data here All flyers That shows the situation since the beginning of the epidemic. World Health Organization Infection Map.
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19.36 – 20,262 new cases in France
20,262 positive results were recorded in France during the past 24 hours. While the number of deaths reached 159

19.20 – The truck carrying the vaccine doses arrives in Rome
The truck containing the first 9,750 doses of the Pfizer-Biontech anti-Covid vaccine destined for Italy arrived at the Tor di Quinto barracks in Rome, accompanied by carabinieri cars. The car will then go to Spallanzani Hospital.

18.39 – Great Britain has 570 deaths and 32,725 positive cases in the past 24 hours
During the past 24 hours, the United Kingdom recorded 570 deaths related to the Coronavirus, bringing the total number since the start of the epidemic to 70,195, which is the second highest number of deaths in Europe after Italy. There are 32,725 new confirmed cases, down from the record number of 39,237 reported on Christmas Eve.

5.45 pm – Today’s bulletin
And 19,037 new cases were recorded today, bringing the total number of Italians who have been infected with the virus since the start of the epidemic to 2,028,354 cases. The death toll in the past twenty-four hours was 459. The number of swabs yesterday was 505. The swabs were 152,334 or 41,443 less than yesterday, when it was 193777. While the rate was positive 12.5%. Here are all the data of today’s bulletin. Veneto is always under monitoring, and over the past 24 hours, 5010 new positives have been accumulated.

16.23 – Di Mayo: First vaccinations for medical workers, thanks for the action
The Belgian truck arrived in Italy with the first doses of the Covid vaccine. We said that before the end of the year we will start vaccinations and so it will be. The first vaccinations will be for our medical staff who work every day to save lives and put their lives at risk. Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio writes on Facebook. We wish our White Troops a Merry Christmas and thanks for everything they do, even today on this day of celebration. We will get our freedoms back and hug each other.

3.15pm – Gb variant: 1,000 Dover troops to test the truck driver
The British Army announced on Friday that it has deployed more than a thousand troops to survey thousands of truck drivers stranded in the British port of Dover due to the British variant of Covid-19. After 48 hours of complete lockdown, until Wednesday morning, France allows the return of truck drivers banned from the British side, provided they present a negative Covid test. There are still thousands waiting to be tested so they can return home, some parked on an old airport runway, others right on the highway.

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3.14 p.m. – Presumed outbreak in Piscopio (Vibo Valentia), the mayor strengthens controls
Alleged outbreak in Piscopio (Vibo Valentia): 70 residents tested positive for antigen test. Maria Limardo, Mayor of Vibo Valentia, wrote on Facebook: The Department of Prevention of ASP – today reported the positive result of rapid antigen-nasopharyngeal swabs for SARS CoV-2 that was conducted specifically on people residing in the small village of Pescopio in this municipality. Given that it was emphasized in the same note that “it is very likely that the outbreak will develop in the relevant part,” pending knowledge of the results of the swabs that the ASP will carry out in the next hour, the address was immediately given to a local police command to reinforce controls over the district and the health authority To speed up procedures aimed at final confirmation of data from private laboratories. Adding: It is strongly recommended that all citizens residing in the village of Pescopio severely limit travel outside their homes, and contain them within the strict limits of what is absolutely necessary, concludes the notice.

3.10 p.m. – Spallanzani everything is ready for vaccinations to arrive
Everything is ready at the Spallanzani Institute in Rome forThe arrival of doses of the anti-virus vaccine. This morning – health advisor Alessio D’Amato explained in a video message – an examination was being carried out in the storage area for Covid-19 vaccines. The machine is ready to start vaccination in Lazio. Everything is going well and we are waiting for the vaccines to arrive.

2.20 pm – Ministry of Interior 82 thousand checks on the eve of 826 penalties
81,885 people have been screened on Christmas Eve – the first of the 10 red days stipulated in the Decree of 18 December – as part of checks for compliance with anti-coronavirus legislation. Sanctions were imposed on 826 people, while 7 others were reported for violating the quarantine. On the other hand, 13,771 checks were made on businesses, 14 of which were closed.

13.25 – Vaccinations begin in Mexico, Chile and Costa Rica
Vaccinations are underway in Latin America. The nurse from the Intensive Care Unit in Mexico City, Maria Irene Ramirez, was the first to receive the injection. Mexico kicked off a vaccination campaign Thursday, with its first 3,000 doses of the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine. The nurse, 59, said it was the best gift I could get in 2020. After Ramirez, other doctors and nurses were vaccinated. In Mexico, 1.4 million health workers will be the first to be vaccinated, followed by the elderly and teachers.

1 p.m. – Russia has nearly 3 million infections
During the past 24 hours, Russia recorded 29,018 new cases of COVID-19 and 563 deaths. This was announced by the local health authorities, confirming that there are 4,543 symptomatic active cases. In all, the Russian Interfax news agency indicated that the total number of cases increased to 2.99 million, while the total number of deaths reached 53,600.

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12.21 – Cardinal Bassetti: the most beautiful birthday of my life
Despite everything that happens, I can say that this is the most beautiful birthday of my life: this is what the CEI President and the Archbishop of Perugia-Citt della Pieve said, card. Gualtiero Bassetti, who is back for Christmas Mass this morning to celebrate for the first time after Covid for which he has been hospitalized for so long and thought he couldn’t attend. This – he added with reporters – is a special day and Christmas even if we are still in the heart of this epidemic.

12.12 – in Europe more than 25 million cases
The number of cases registered in Europe since the start of the epidemic exceeds 25 million: emerging from an AFP count. In Italy only yesterday 2 million total infections (Including cures and deaths) since February.

12.10 – Fauci: Up to 90% of people vaccinated for herd immunity are needed in the United States
To achieve herd immunity in the United States, a vaccination rate of up to 90% may be required: a warning issued by the American virologist, Anthony Fauci, in an interview with The New York Times. Fauci previously spoke of 60% -70% to gain immunity, and now he has revised the estimate up: We have to be a little humble, clear I think the true split is between 70% and 90%, but don’t say that 90%. His statement dampens enthusiasm to announce it One million Americans have already been vaccinated, Equivalent to 0.3% of the population.

12.09 – Pope: The vaccine is for all weak and needy people first
In an unofficial passage of his Christmas message, Pope Francis said, “We cannot allow closed nationalities to prevent us from living as our own family, this single virus. I cannot introduce myself to others, patent laws over the laws of humanity. I call on everyone to enhance cooperation, not competition and search for vaccines for all, especially the most vulnerable and needy, as they come first. (Here is the article).

11.54 – Mayor of Sala among the volunteers of Bani Quotidiano
Unfortunately, we also have to get used to the fact that time will be long. I am trying to know when the vaccinations will be given but it will not be immediate, there is still a lot to do. he said that The mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, is today among the Bani Quotidiano volunteers in Milan I say it these days – and he added – we must have the ability to combine day in and day out, as the need must be at its core day in and day out, with the idea of ​​revitalizing a city that will continue over time. For this moment of need treatment. A special birthday for everyone: It is clear that we must get used to a need that will be more evident at least in the initial stage, even after the pandemic – the mayor’s reflection -. The lines outside are long but the comforting thing is that the lines inside the people are busy just as long. We should be proud of belonging to a city that is facing need with such solidarity because so many of us are still busy. Milan’s appeal is precisely because of this solidarity. Today I am Santa Claus but I am bringing gifts that are not mine. Someone I know, who owns a company, donated 1500 panettone and a former businessman, his foundation gave me a check of 100,000 euros I have in my pocket for Pane Quotidiano because he saw what was happening on TV and put from hand to wallet. (Here is the article).

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11.35 a.m. – South Africa dismisses charges over the most dangerous version
The Minister of Health in South Africa rejected the idea that the new alternative to the Corona virus that the United Kingdom has linked to its country is more dangerous than the British. For now, Minister Zwillini Mkhize said in a statement, there is no evidence that variant 501.V2 is more contagious than the UK’s counterpart, as suggested by the British health minister. He added that there is also no evidence that it causes more severe disease or greater mortality than any other sequence variable in the world.

10.25 a.m. – Secretary Pompeo’s wife is positive
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s wife Susan has tested positive for Covid-19. Some sources reveal this to Bloomberg, stating that the positive buffer dates back to before December 16th; The next day, the head of US diplomacy announced the start of self-isolation due to contact with a positive case.

9.27 am – Pope gives 4,000 tampons to homeless people in Rome for Christmas
On the occasion of Christmas, a gift from Pope Francis to the city of Rome. In fact, 4,000 swabs were donated to diagnose Covid-19, which the Supreme Pontiff received as tribute from Slovenia, which, thanks to the commitment of the Apostolic Charitable Society, in cooperation with the Institute of Solidarity Medicine and Ifo San Gallicano, will be used to allow homeless people in the capital to access the diagnosis, too. Thanks to an agreement with Roma Capitale.

8.26 am – Germany has 25,533 cases and 412 deaths in 24 hours
Germany recorded 25,533 new cases of Covid in 24 hours, taking the total number to 1,612,648: Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases announced. The death toll was 412 and the total number was 29,182.

3.30 – California passes 2 million cases, and is the hardest-hit US state
California is the first US state to reach 2 million cases since the start of the epidemic. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, updated through December 24, the number of infected people (including those recovered and killed) is 2,010. 157 since the outbreak began, and at least 23,635 people have lost their lives to the virus.

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