Coronavirus: The European Union has requested 300 million additional doses of vaccine from Biontech and Pfizer-Wissen

WHO experts (WHO) expired on Monday More deal with Astrazeneca vaccine is recommended. South Africa has temporarily halted planned vaccinations using the vaccine due to doubts about its effectiveness against the coronavirus variant prevalent there. “This is definitely bad news.”WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Monday evening in Geneva. Evolution shows that vaccines must be rapidly produced and offered to people.

“We know viruses are mutating, and we know we have to be prepared Adjust vaccinationsSo they remain effective, ”the WHO chief said. Tedros plans to meet with experts from the WHO’s Strategy Group (SAGE) on Tuesday to discuss recommendations for handling a vaccine developed by Astrazeneca in cooperation with the University of Oxford.

“We expected a smaller impact, but not to this extent,” said Salem Abdul Karim, head of the Coronavirus Advisory Committee in the South African government. The government’s new approach is To vaccinate 100,000 people with the Astrazeneca vaccine Pay attention to the number of people who still need hospitalization. (Dpa)

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