Hose chamber Problem condition: Prepare the narrow chambers correctly

A hose room can be found in almost every home. Their narrow, narrow shape is often a challenge when it comes to furniture. myHOMEBOOK editor and interior designer Odett Schumann offers tips on how a hose room can become a cozy room.

Exotic floor plans like those for the hose room tend to be tricky to set up. Too narrow line of a room with disproportionately long wall dimensions requires a lot of creativity and sometimes compromise.

Use color and pattern correctly on the wall

Before actually creating a hose room, a trick can be used, the optical illusion. In problem rooms, it is worth playing with illusions. In concrete terms, this means shifting the room’s visual focus to the shortest wall. If it is emphasized by a strong color such as red, green, blue or a relatively intense wallpaper pattern, the hose room is visually extended. And since such rooms are usually not only narrow, but also small, it is better not to paint the long sides in color. A constrained effect will only be preferred in this way. This can only be offset by painting the short sides, the same color but a noticeably lighter shade. The strength of the lines can also be optimally exploited in the hose room. Here we recommend either horizontal stripes on the front sides, an effect already known from fashion, or thin vertical stripes on the two long walls. On the other hand, if you want to do without color, pattern and wallpaper entirely, you can’t go wrong with a narrow tube-shaped room. Because the room seems small and cramped anyway, it clearly benefits from brightness in the form of white walls.

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Type, amount and placement of furniture in hose rooms غرف

If you want to successfully divert attention from its shape in a hose room, it is recommended that you carefully consider the type, placement and quantity of furniture. Under no circumstances should you move too many pieces of furniture into a narrow room like this one. To prevent this, as is often the case in small rooms with a complex layout, multifunctional furniture is a good choice. It can be well imagined: a sofa that can be converted into a bed in a few simple steps and perhaps also provides useful storage space. Just like the cabinet with built in foldable desk. After completion of the work, it quickly disappears in the furniture and therefore does not become a disabling factor of everyday life. There is also a tendency to refrain from furniture that is too large, such as shelving cabinet fittings, because it also looks too bulky and cumbersome. Single or modular pieces of furniture, which ideally also have a large storage space, are more appropriate here. After all, a small and narrow room does not need clutter.

Simply furnished hose room with a white desk spanning the entire front short side
The desk fits perfectly in this hose room. Its effect on removing oppressive malaise extends far from the room.Photo: Getty Images

Of course, it is also important in the hose room to place individual pieces of furniture in a reasonable way. Since it is important to make the room wider rather than elongate, it is recommended to place wide furniture such as a sideboard, desk or bed along the short wall rather than the long wall. If there is a lot of such furniture on the long sides, then the narrowness of the room will again be emphasized.

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Use brightness as a stylistic tool

Simply furnished hose room with a white desk spanning the entire front short side
From ceiling to floor, this hose-like interior is kept bright. The friendly coloring gives it an extra display.Photo: Getty Images

A small, narrow room often lacks light. But this has an extreme stretching effect and should be used accordingly here. It is therefore advisable to use brightness in a tube-shaped room whenever possible. Ideally, all walls and furniture are light-colored rather than very dark. It is not recommended to use hung windows with long and heavy fabrics – use light, translucent curtains instead. The main thing is that the maximum amount of daylight floods the interior of the room. If this is not possible, artificial light can be a very effective alternative. Additionally, the different lights give room for the hose, which tends to be somewhat uncomfortable, and more comfortable even in the dark. Individual light sources placed at different levels and points throughout the room create a gentle wave of light.

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Include the floor when setting up the hose room

The fact is that the floor plan of the hose room is narrow and rectangular in shape. Since this cannot be changed, it is important to effectively influence other spatial factors such as floor design. There is a tendency to use carpets of the same shape, for example, in long and narrow rooms, for example. This is based on the assumption that the same shapes blend in well with each other. It is different in the hose chamber, because here the narrowing effect in the chamber is only additionally enhanced. Instead, it is advisable to use models that extend the room in width. In this case, too, patterns with horizontal stripes are an effective solution. Small to medium sized rugs of a round or square shape also have a neutralizing effect.

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