Coronavirus: Portugal added to England’s travel quarantine list | Politics News

Portugal has been added to the England quarantine list, which means that any traveler arriving from 4 am on Saturday will have to be isolated for two weeks.

The restriction will not apply to travelers returning from Madeira and the Azores.

Hungary, French Polynesia and Reunion have also been added to the list of countries from which travelers to England will have to be quarantined.

However, those arriving in England from Sweden will not need to be isolated anymore.

It comes a week after the government did not make changes to the so-called “travel corridors” – But Wales and Scotland took different approachesThis caused anger and confusion among some vacationers.

Wells added last Thursday Portugal To its quarantine list – but excluded the Azores and Madeira – while Scotland took a holistic approach to the entire country.

Some tourists had been expecting England to do the same, cutting short vacations and incurring hundreds of pounds for early flights home, given that Corona Virus The infection rate was as high as 23 per 100,000 people.

Ministers say countries with the figure above 20 per 100,000 are at risk of being added to the list – but at the start of this week The UK has flipped over that same threshold.

The biggest restrictions since the first Covid-19 The closure was announced in response. This greatly reduces the maximum number of people who are able to legally assemble.

Changes have been made to the quarantine system in England as well, so the islands can now be treated separately for entire countries.

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Transportation Secretary Grant Shaps This was announced on MondayMeanwhile, seven Greek islands popular with British sun seekers have added to the quarantine list.

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