“Cobra Kai” star Tanner Buchanan is a “huge fan” of the emerging animation phenomenon

Tanner Buchanan He currently plays Robby Keene in Cobra cayAnd It is now available to broadcast on Netflix. The show takes place more than three decades after Laroseau punched the face of a fierce opponent, Johnny Lawrence V. the Karate Kid.

Tanner Buchanan | Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

The show pays tribute to the original franchise – with Mr. Miyagi’s Flakback and the return of John Chris’ famous Cobra Kai Dojo. This time, La Russo and Lawrence are the new teachers. Their students compete head-to-head on teen drama, love triangles, betrayal, life perspectives, and more.

Tanner Buchanan plays one of the show’s main protagonists, and is one of several cast members responsible for a return to fascination with the original franchise. Buchanan also happens to be a “huge fan” of an animated series that has recently gained renewed interest … thanks to Netflix.

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Tanner Buchanan is a big fan of “Avatar: The Last Airbender”

The Cobra cay The cast sat for an interview Entertainment Weekly In Comic-Con, each member took some time to uncover the shows they’d always loved. Buchanan replied when asked about “big fans”:

Maybe I would say … I saw someone wandering around, and he had it Avatar: Another Airbender Pin on. I would probably say this is the only TV show I’m really crazy about … I’ve heard there’s probably a live show, so I’m really excited about that. And now I talk a lot … I feel so excited

Tanner Buchanan via Entertainment Weekly

Tanner Buchanan liked the original Avatar: Another Airbender Series, which confronted mature themes and life-or-death situations while remaining a children’s show. The original series was a huge triumph, and the Netflix show brought old and new fans back to the series. As for his fellow cast members, they love a handful of other movies and shows.

The team of “Cobra Kai” is passionate about all the different movies and shows

The rest of the actors also talked about their favorite movies and shows. Marie Moser (who plays Samatha LaRusso) explained that she would walk around fangs and avoid sunlight to convince people that she was a vampire, because she was a pioneer twilight fan.

Xolo Maridueña (who portrays Miguel Diaz) has made it clear that he loves Ferris Bueller’s day off, Before we proceeded with pointing out that he’s kind of “old,” which got a “not old” response from Ralph McCue. As mentioned Brooklyn Nine-Nine As a current favorite.

William Zapka (Johnny Lawrence) explained this Curb your enthusiasm It is one of his favorite things, and he also really loves it Barry. Makiu chime continuously to notice just how amazing it is. Barry is being.

Loves Martin Cove (Chris) Outlander He explained that he considers “all of us” time travelers. In short, the show is filled with different actors – with different favorite shows born in different generations – all coming together to work on a successful follow-up series for the original. the Karate Kid Franchise.

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