Coronavirus in Italy and in the world: news and COVID-19 situation bulletin for today, December 25. directly

Farnesina, grants the Infocovid Questionnaire to the Crisis Unit

The Crisis Unit’s “InfoCovid” survey – reading a note – has been awarded the annual Farnesina “Buone Prassi”, an award that aims to publicize, replicate and appreciate the most useful initiatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, to motivate them. More efficient management in the service of citizens and companies around the world. The questionnaire, available on the homepage of the “Viaggiare Sicuri” portal and on the homepage of the Farnesina website, was designed by the Crisis Unit to provide users with immediate feedback on the possibilities and requirements of traveling abroad or entering / re-entering Italy in light of the current legislation due to the COVID-19 emergency. By answering a few simple questions, the user gets an up-to-date answer regarding whether or not to travel, necessary relevant medical documents, as well as organizational insights, helpful contacts and concrete examples of exceptions. InfoCovid – which continues to note from Farnesina – has been greatly appreciated and used daily by citizens, businesses, tour operators, travel agencies and other administrations, both national and international – resulting in a simple, clear, up-to-date and reliable guide to applicable legislation. It has contributed to the exponential increase in interactions between the public, information and digital devices at Farnesina, which rose, for the corporate website alone, from 3 to 10 million between 2019 and 2021. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and the Christmas holidays approach, it calls Farnesina All citizens who want to travel abroad to use InfoCovid, download the Crisis Unit App or use the portals ‘Viaggiare Sicuri’ ( and ‘Where We Are’ ( to know in advance the anti-COVID legislation in force in the country of destination, how to return to Italy and share it with the ”crisis unit of Farnesina’s itinerary and the contacts to be activated in case of emergency abroad, to be assisted. Immediately by the world’s diplomatic and consular network. All services are accessible from the Farnesina Foundation’s website,

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