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M5S, Conte is preparing the restart: at the moment the icon is not touched

A new M5S link is “not on the agenda” and at least for now the pentastellato icon hasn’t been touched. Victor Giuseppe Conte’s leader is working on a “project to re-establish” the 5-Star Movement, but crucial issues remain on the table. Starting with the relationship with Davide Casaleggio’s Rousseau Association, which owns the keys to the M5S digital infrastructure and member list. Not to mention the pending lawsuits: a problem that someone would like to solve by establishing a new association to replace the one founded by Casaleggio and Luigi Di Maio in 2017. “I don’t think we’re heading towards a new association,” explains the movement’s lawyer, Andrea Cianavi to Adnkronos. For now, code “revision” should also be excluded: the M5S brand – the logic leaking from leading pentastylate sources – still has appeal. In the next few days, Conte will pitch his idea of ​​governance to Beppe Grillo and the 5-star staff. Big names are demanding that the Newborn Steering Committee, the collective body of 5 members who voted from Al Qaeda in Roseau, not be suppressed, while Grillo prefers to return to the model of a single political leader. The relationship with the exiles also remains a question mark. A possible “pardon” against parliamentarians expelled from the House and Senate for failing to vote in favor of confidence in the Draghi government – a hypothesis that the movement leaders cherished in the last hours – met with much suspicion by most of the remaining parliamentarians: “But how – the deputy unleashed – we revealed ourselves “By saying yes to this executive and everyone who put himself in the opposition on his own will be forgiven? If they come back, we will leave.” However, there are those, like Vincenzo Spadafora, who want to “rethink” about the purges: “I think people like Lizzie, like Mora, have had a role within the movement, and they are part of the movement’s history,” the sports minister said. The former “Omnibus” La7, made no secret of his worries about the recent expulsion wave. For ex-M5S Andrea Colletti, who today presented the new component “Alternative Exists” statement to the room, the problem does not arise: “We are in opposition to the Draghi government and as long as the M5S will function as a majority force compared to Draghi, it goes without saying that it cannot accept an opposing force within it. A contradiction in terminology. ” The possibility of Alessandro de Batista returning to the M5S also fades away: “Full respect for Conte. But I – writes the former MP on Instagram – left the M5S not for Conte’s absence (at that moment). But in order to be in government with Draghi, BD, Berlusconi, Salvini, Bonino, Brunetta, Gelmeni … “. Meanwhile, while three more expulsions arrived in the room (those of Christian Romaniello, Yana Ehm, and Simona Soriano, absent “unjustified” on the occasion of Draghi’s confidence), the deposed senators from the group announced the battle and prepared an appeal to seek recapture. The moment a decree was issued to expel the senators, “the M5S movement did not have a political leader”: by voting on February 17, the Movement Members ’Association approved the abolition of any reference to the political leader in the movement’s statutes. He can exercise any power in relation to the repeated expulsion of senators on February 18, 2021, ”writes the lawyer for the expelled Daniele Granara in the appeal to the litigation committee of the Madama Palace. On Wednesday, the rebels will conduct an assessment with their attorneys: some, according to what has been learned, are awaiting the leaders’ actions in light of the potential “blessing”; Others, such as Senator Elio Lanotti, intend instead to go ahead with stamped papers. M5S attorney Ciannavei brags of calm: “The dismissed appeal? I can say that the Court of Rome has already expressed itself on the De Falco case, so there is already a precedent,” says Grillo’s lawyer. Regarding the Cagliari court’s decision, which stated that the movement is “without a legal representative,” he adds: “The law provides for the establishment of a right to shareholding companies and extends to associations. A political leader is a generous veto.” (By Antonio At) The Ministry of Environmental Transformation “matches our expectations” because “Energy Efficiency has been placed under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment. Environmental transformation is a goal that has always been in our DNA and has also found a complete form”. Thus, guardian M5S Vito Crimi has opened the groupset by videoconferencing. “Il Mite is a starting point, which we should be proud of,” Karimi commented. “From now on, we have to be vigilant so that this transition is right. We must be proactive, in all committees.” “Today is no longer the time to be conservative and limit ourselves to maintaining the status quo. We must look to the future,” added the political leader, Pentastellato. There will be an in-depth analysis with Italian and foreign experts for continuous training. We have to study to understand what we’re talking about. ” We need a strategic vision through 2050. Thirty years ago, Grillo – continues Karimi – cried out in his presentations about the things that are today a common heritage. We need to think of a strategy for the next twenty years. ” “Conte expressed his willingness to accompany us on this path, to be part of this community to relaunch the movement as a hero. In recent years, Conte has appreciated and shared the values ​​and principles of the movement,” Karimi continued. “I spoke with Conte. His words shocked me: We must breathe deeply, and start. In oxygenating ourselves; we must restore dialogue with civil society, with companies, we must get out of our self-reference. Think no longer about what we are but about what we should be. This is why we are working with him and Beppe, “the guardian emphasized Quintet, explaining how the “all M5S” is “excited about the new Giuseppe down the field”. Karimi explained that the former prime minister will accompany the M5S in the “process of transformation and growth.” But Conte now “wants to understand his role” in the movement.

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