Corona model in Finland: “We employ a full army of tracking tools”

While the autumn Corona wave led to new infections in many cases, they remained Finland She is largely spared the violent rash. Britain’s David Nabarro, one of the leading experts at the World Health Organization, regards the country as a “role model” among European nations.

“We find a lot in my mind about the Finns Critical in fighting the virus “Good political leadership, a strong public health system, people who stick to the rules,” Nabarro told Spiegel recently.

According to current data from the European Disease Protection Agency (ECDC) 14-day incidence rate across Europe just in Island Even less than Finland. Finnish health authorities are currently recording an increase in new Covid 19 diseases. But the particularly affected area around the capital, Helsinki, responded quickly with targeted countermeasures.

Strict insurance like him Italy or Spain It did not exist in Finland. This is why the country got through the crisis so well economically. In the second quarter, economic output decreased by only 4.4 percent compared to the first quarter – this is the best value in the European Union. In the “Covid Resilience Ranking,” published by Bloomberg Released on Tuesday Finland also ranks first in Europe.

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