Cooperation with China or the United States?

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas in December 2020
Photo: Reuters

What is the value of Germany’s assurances that it wants to coordinate closely with the Biden government from now on? If China thinks it can buy into Western “partners”, this is not a mistake.

JNow the Europeans, especially the Germans The They wanted an American government – a government that valued alliances that did not despise them; He supports pluralism and does not view it as a way to subjugate America. So the government Biden.

So the hope is justified, in the words of the German foreign minister Heiko Mas, The transatlantic relationship is gradually improving. However, this hope will be disappointed if opposition in controversial issues is recorded, but then, for example, the German side, shrugging its shoulders, pretends that it is: American concerns? The decision was made in Berlin (or Brussels).

According to the slogan, the federal government means a dispute over Nord Stream 2 To be able to move forward. The latest example is no less dangerous: the investment agreement between the European Union and China. It was closed despite the Biden team’s concerns.

Maas is now seeking to forge a close alliance with Washington against China, but he is advocating for an investment deal with China before the new president takes office. This was not unfriendly. Unfriendly? It goes against its strategic argument to confront China in the largest possible alliance. If China’s rulers think they can buy into Western “partners”, they are not wrong.

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