Controversy – Feedback on Power Episodes Trailer

Always, in the short history of Guys post opinions online, the existence of hasty, extreme and controversial works: it attracts opinions, generates traffic and above all allows the author or author to sit arrogant or conceited, another opportunity to divide the Internet (if not all humanity) between the “enlightened” and “those who but how, still they do not understand?” It was created.

Despite knowing how all this works and having dozens and dozens of experiments with it, I’ve never seen any reactions to the recently released Prime Video de rings of strength.

In a sense, these videos of hundreds of thousands if not millions of views on YouTube in less than two days is nothing new, but it is a focus all i hate In modern media discussions, especially films and television series.

In light of this, I decided in vain to devote my useless time to a useless analysis of this Useless sh* storm Useless.

Eh, but the story is bad

Yes, I know it’s hard to fathom a three-minute video with “trailer” in the title Not the real product More than just a cover is the content of the book.

It is very difficult for thousands of users to be willing to condemn The Rings of Power because “They have a very bad story“,” The action scenes are silly “(we will come back to this later), “The cast makes you laugh” and so on.

Lately (and also due to enthusiasts making videos for four hours of analysis) everyone seems to have decided the fate of games, movies, etc. of trailersto the delight of the good chief Tencar, a well-known lover of these provisions.

In the specific case of Rings of Strength, the irony is that another faction of critics appears to be outraged because of “The trailer says nothingA point I totally agree with, by the way, although I don’t understand how it could be negative.

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Eeeh, but it’s not canon

No, big surprise: Amazon You didn’t buy the rights on just about anything, so the string won’t be primary. It was known from the beginning, but it seems that many are only discovering it now. For heaven’s sake, there could be, but I’d like to ask: so what?

Personally I would have preferred Quotes from real stories From the Silmarillion or tales, of which there are so many, almost all of them are wonderful.

However, on the other hand, I prefer a show that makes that choice Obviously from the startrather than those who start one way and go another because they don’t have a clear idea of ​​where they want to go (this crap from Game of Thrones is the most famous example).

However, there is a letter Respect the original workat least in some basic elements.

Well, power rings are clearly bad in this regard, right? not like peter jackson movies!

What just the movies?

If the first section is for Tencar, I would like to dedicate this to the friendly besan From the neighborhood of Frankie Dido.

An incredible number of people want to bring the Peter Jackson Trilogy (The Hobbit Ignored) as a comparison with The Rings of Power to show how appropriate Tolkien is. in a legal way.

This thing always pissed me off. Peter Jackson trilogy in its own way Masterpiece And La Compagnia literally changed my life, so I can’t help but make a positive impression.

However, I hate with all my heart how much nostalgia For these films that were released when we giuovani must erase all the negative aspects and the changes Objectively there.

Let’s do a simple file review “Canon” films, Good? I promise I’ll ignore necessary cuts like Tom Bombadil.

First, there are important changes in Personal Personal Interactions: Sam and Frodo fight over limpas To say, or Denethor completely deformed and made some kind of monster.

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there geography Seems meaningless, with Elrond somehow riding from Imladris to Rohan in an instant and Galadhrim arriving in Helm’s Deep with the Gate of Dr. Strange I suppose.

Speaking of Marvel, among other things, the now-famous films offer jokes a-la-Marvelwhich is completely absent in the book, since it preserves a stern toneEspecially when there are no hobbits on the way.

But we come to two of the most criticized changes in The Rings of Power, which are already in Canonocissimi’s most sacred film: silly action scenes and the Vim power.

When people complain about Galadriel climbing a waterfall in a really silly way, I wonder if they’ve all forgotten what Legolas he uses. Shield like a skateboard. But that’s good, because we’ve seen it When we were in middle school And so it was great.

For your second point, I’d be really curious to see hours of analysis and thousands of comments on “Mary Sue Irwin”, the female character who He allows himself to take the place From mentioning and using another’s powers. But where are we going?

What, but inclusiveness?

This is probably the point that irritates me the most. I read all over the place about angry people Women’s heroes and to attend black actors.

I want to come up with a hypothesis: I personally like to see modifications that reflect as much as possible original material It bothers me so much the idea that we have to recreate one Similar representation to the United States The talk is all over the place (because we’re serious, that’s what we’re talking about, no one cares about the correct ethnic representation of India or Romania).

At the same time, I’m finding some changes to increase the diversity of the cast Completely harmless (The prime example is Kynes in Dune) or justified completely when edit It’s not legal regardless…like rings of strength!

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I can also vaguely understand the criticisms of the existence of a black dwarf: The appearance of the elves It was described in detail and is an integral part of who I am, and if anything, it would make sense to choose an actor of Asian descent.

But the talk about the color of the skin of other races or the fact that Numenor has a queen instead of a king has no reason to be in business. frankly non-canonical.

The same goes for Galadriel who appears to be a warrior in this version. There are those who argue because they find that this is the thousandth case (how many numbers then?) of the character that was put there to show that There are tough women too.

or yes? so what? I’m really struggling to understand what the problem is.

If a male figure climbs a mountain with a dagger no one He would say it was “a way of showing that men are strong.” But on the other hand, those who leave these comments and videos are never a woman. It would also mean something.

Yes but so what?

I don’t know if The Rings of Power will be a masterpiece or rubbish and I’m honest Pretty low expectations. And yes, I’m sorry a new story is being created at the time I wanted to see one of the existing stories being adapted.

However, the fact that it is not legal and is expressly offered as such implies that this offer should not be subject to On criticisms being properly applied to mods like The Witcher.

Regardless, I would really like you to be a collective as a fan of this kind of entertainment Stop judging things too soonWith cups of nostalgia and paranoid eyes politically correct.

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