Contempt on the European Tour that spread too fast

Alberto Fernandez He is touring Europe, where he participated in the G-20 meeting in Rome and at this time is part of the summit in Glasgow climate change. He rubs his shoulders with hundreds of world leaders. but also Summarizing the failures. Now a video has gone viral showing how John Kerryenvoy United StateAnd He raises his hand on his shoulder.

Hard video cut Just 20 seconds. The Argentine President is seen, with his back turned, overly welcoming Kerry, the Special Envoy of the Government of the Argentine Republic Joe Biden To publicize the US position on the climate change agenda.

with the Chin strap hanging from one ear, Fernandez exchanges a few words with the former US presidential candidate. and maybe so lovingHe places his right hand on Keri’s left shoulder.

The moment John Kerry takes the hand of Alberto Fernandez.

Former United States Secretary of State He’s surprised and interact with it obvious annoyance: one hand wrist socket For Fernandez and with the other holding the Argentine elbow, to Take his arm off and avoid touching.

Meanwhile, the German chancellor Angela Merkel He crosses the scene through a corner with a hurried gesture, Dodge too And with some annoyance.

Alberto Fernandez on Monday participated in a United Nations Leaders Summit in Glasgow. There he emphasized that “sustainable development is In intensive careHe is giving his speech this Tuesday at the Climate Summit and hours later he will be back in Argentina.

Disappointing quotes by Alberto F.

This was not the first exchange between Alberto F and Kerry. former Yes, I adhered to the protocol: They held a special meeting on May 14, also in Rome, when the Argentine president toured Portugal, Spain, France, the Vatican and Italy.

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In this new presidential tour, Fernandez sought two meetings that he is following: with Pope Francisco And with Biden. however, None of those dates happened.

John Kerry succeeded United States President John Biden.  Photo by AFP

John Kerry succeeded United States President John Biden. Photo by AFP

It was about these frustrating attempts that Jorge Lanata’s monologue on “PPT Box”, this Sunday.

Alberto’s goal in Italy was to meet the Pope, but Bergoglio didn’t want to have itsaid the journalist.

Looks like I couldn’t find a file worst ass face From the one that I put him the last time”, he added about the connection to the Pope. Thus the TV and radio presenter recalled the Pope’s stern gesture last May, in the photo he showed him with the Argentine delegation.

Pope Francis addressed Alberto Fernandez's annoyance last May.

Pope Francis addressed Alberto Fernandez’s annoyance last May.

Lanata also said that the “clear goal” of the trip to the G20 summit was to achieve a “meeting with Biden.” And that, in the absence of an official appointment, Alberto Fernandez ascended with great fanfare Crossing in the lanes with the US President.

In the government they sold it as a ‘meeting with Biden’. But It lasted 40 secondsAnd since Alberto does not speak English, half of the forty seconds belong to the translator.”

He made a suggestion so that presidential agendas would coincide when there was a new covert attempt: “The meeting would have lasted much longer if it had been found.” in bathroom urinals“.

For this remarkable gesture from Kerry and the confrontations that were not with Biden and the Pope, there is another piece of information that did not go unnoticed: Alberto Fernandez Multiply the shortage on the traditional Picture of G20 heads in Trevi Fountain, where they carried out a rite of release a coin in water.

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For his part, Biden had his own viral moment, when a video clip went viral on networks that He seemed to be sleeping In one of the United Nations talks.

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