Concrete Cowboy: Netflix Trailer with Idris Elba and Caleb McLaughlin as Cowboy

on the earth Netflix Drama Concrete cowboyWith the supporters Idris Elba | H Caleb McLaughlin (One of the heroes of the series Weird things (Here is some news about the statement and some statements).

What is that Concrete cowboy?

At fifteen Cole (McLaughlinHe was expelled from Detroit School, and sent to live with his estranged father, Harp (Idris Elba |). Harp He finds solace in horse rehabilitation for downtown cowboys at Fletcher Street Stables. It is a true black urban equestrian community that has provided a safe haven for neighborhood residents for over 100 years. Cole So he finds himself torn between his growing respect for patriarchy and his resurfacing friendship with his troubled cousin. crush (Jarrell Jerome). Then he begins to reprioritize his life as the stables themselves are threatened by the bourgeoisie.

When do you see it?

Netflix Acquired the film in the weeks following its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival and would make it available for broadcast April 2.

Byron Powers, Lauren Toussaint H Clifford “Method Man” Smith They are co-stars in the film directed by the director Ricky Stop. He co-wrote the same Concrete cowboy With And he continued Based on the novel Cowboy Ghetto From Mr. Neri. Tucker Tully, Lee Daniels, Elba, Dan Walser, Jeff Waxman H Jennifer Madlov They are the producers.

Trailer for Concrete cowboy

“Fifty percent of all cowboys were black – even the only ranger was black.”The boy was told. “Who is the only guard?”He answers.

Below is the first trailer for Concrete cowboyA drama set in the urban cowboy culture of North Philadelphia.

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