Commented on women’s street names Swords

More streets in Schwerty have to bear the names of female celebrities – because there is an imbalance in the city regarding streets with men’s names. The problem is rooted in history.

Ancient notions of gender assignment were: men make politics and move around in public, and women run the household and keep hiding in secret. Accordingly, there are well-known names such as Aristotle or Plato. The name Aspasia hardly means anything to anyone – although she was also a Greek philosopher.

Thus the matter passes through the centuries. Women remain in their role as mother and housewife, and men become composers, mathematicians, philosophers, and scholars. And because they shaped history, culture and science through it, they shape the public space to this day.

The knowledge of their presence should not remain a suitable place

The problem is not necessarily the unwillingness to represent famous women. Rather, there is still a lack of historical treatment of this very existence. And if such treatment is introduced, knowing its existence remains a good place.

Women and their accomplishments need to become more visible in public – it starts with details like street names. If a small index board also provided information about that woman, then more awareness of her actions would be created.

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