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Status: 10/17/2021 7:30 AM

Experts of “transformation” continue to talk about a fundamental change in social views. This sounds smart and educated, but also after great effort and abandon.

by Kristen Oberlin

“Try again in blue!” One click of the mouse and the room looks completely different. Great effect. “No, it’s no longer on the left and probably with a pattern!” A few more clicks and everyone laughs at the result. However, a new point of view is produced – everyone participates, everyone expresses their opinion and thinks: “It’s time for a clear change, for a transformation.” After all, the room should be comfortable and homely for them. They obviously enjoy contributing their ideas and experimenting a lot. I envy the people in the shared apartment who use a computer to run through different settings of their apartment, bring their creativity and design something new with enthusiasm.

Transformation is associated with unreasonable demands

Sometimes I lose this joy and pleasure when I hear the word “transformation” – sure, with changes there are unreasonable doubts and expectations. But I miss the passion, the desire to design, the spark of joy that jumps in. Do we lack images and goals worthy of calling for change? Do we need more confidence that we are gaining something?

Change begins with a longing for heaven

You don’t have to look far to find pictures. The Bible talks about heaven from the beginning. And in the last book of the Bible, the Revelation of John, I read about the heavenly Jerusalem, where there are wonderfully beautiful circumstances.

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Reverend Christine Oberlin hopes that people’s longing for heaven will keep their progress.

“Heaven – How an Old Idea Is Restored to the Future” is the name of a new concept published by the Northern Church Network “Reflection to Life” and “Diakony and Education”. What is meant to be a catalyst for discussion in the church can also be of valuable benefit in the community. After all, there are images and visions of heaven in all cultures. In their concept, writer Sarah Kohler and author Konstantin Groen begin by saying that change begins with a yearning for heaven.

And that’s me hopefull – The longing for heaven motivates us in movement and makes us happy.

Cross, heart or anchor? This is the name of the church column in the NDR. Every Thursday, radio chaplains and editors give a cross of faith, a heart of love or an anchor for what gives hope.

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