Colonense competes in the first Sailing World Cup in Switzerland | newspaper

On Tuesday 17 May, the feud over the first world sailing championship, organized by the Stellar Seafarers’ Association (SSL), will begin on Lake Neuchâtel in Switzerland. The tournament will bring together athletes from 56 countries, and there will be a qualification stage before the final stage that will take place between October 28 and November 20, from which the first world champion of the team in this competition will emerge.

The nine sailors – plus some substitutes – will defend Uruguay and will join Chile, Venezuela and Peru between June 9-12. They will do this in boat races called downwind (sailing upwind and then for your favour), an average of two races a day, with distances of about one mile (1.8 kilometers) each.

Federico Caballero, a Colonian who is part of those selected to compete in Switzerland, said in an interview with newspaper.

From a very young age, Caballero has practiced activities in the water and has always been associated with the sports that take place in that environment. “I have been competing in between 70 and 80 races annually for 11 years, in boats and competitions very similar to those that will be held at the next World Cup,” he said. He considered that this accumulated experience gave him the opportunity to “be part of the team”.

The work that Caballero does on top of the sailboats is very technical and physical. As he explained, it consists of taking a place in the center, “called a piano,” where the ropes are handled, and improving maneuvering time, “because every descent or ascent of the sail can give you a second chance or make you lose time and thus positions in the race.”

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The Uruguayan team is made up of young people who bring physical potential and knowledge to discipline, but also have sailors who have more experience in the water. “We don’t get together to train before a competition because we have young colleagues in Europe who are in an Olympic race,” said a colonel sailor.

At the World Cup in Switzerland, the organization will provide boats for all participating teams, which will not be individual, but will change the regattas after the regatta and all the teams will compete every day with a different boat. Caballero explained to newspaper. Made of carbon fibre, the boats are very light, nearly ten meters in length, and move with winds between six and 30 knots.

In October 2021, the Uruguayan sailors were training in the Swiss lake where the first stage will take place. Neuchatel is bathing on Grandson’s shores. “We know the place, we trained for about 30 boat races, but that was another season and the winds change depending on the time of year,” Caballero concluded.

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