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RB Leipzig wants to be liked. This occasionally thrives, much to the chagrin of a number of football fans. The fact that guest fans are not only officially welcomed into the arena by the stadium announcer before Leipzig matches at home, but that their club anthem is also pursued through the stadium speakers is not everyone’s cup of tea, because it goes against the friend. The enemy style that underlies some football cultures.

On Saturday in the match between RB Leipzig and 1. FC Union Berlin, the fact that the Köppnecker anthem “Eisern Union” played by former punk rocker Nina Hagen was not played caused an uproar. Diplomatic insult in light of Wednesday’s Cup match, won by RB Leipzig?

Now Union and RB are not green, but the reason confirmed by the Leipzig spokesperson was different – it leads to the mass of spectators above the sector where the union celebrated their 2-1 victory early on Saturday night. At the invitation of RB Leipzig, 600 refugees stranded in Leipzig after the Russian attack on Ukraine attended.

It is said that one of the pillars of the Union Anthem reminds us of the Soviet Union

Someone at RB Leipzig, apparently with a good hearing of a plagiarism expert, said that one of the pieces of the Union melody was reminiscent of the Russian, formerly Soviet anthem. It was composed in 1943 by the former conductor of the Red Army Choir, Alexander Vasilievich Alexandrov. And so the concern at RB was that the Ukrainian guests might be offended. You have to come with that first, and he was heard in the Union camp with a shrug of the shoulders.

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Now you know that the management of RB Leipzig stumbled for several days on the question of whether Russian teams should continue to participate in UEFA matches after their country’s attack on Ukraine. RB chief Oliver Mintzlaff publicly recognized his colors only when UEFA expelled the Russians with an octagon and annulled Leipzig’s Round of 16 against Spartak Moscow. It seems that criticism of the behavior can still be heard so often in the ears of the residents of Leipzig that they can even hear nightingale dust.

It is not entirely uninteresting in this context that even then the question arose about what role the Red Bull group might play in RB Leipzig’s hesitant reaction to the controversy over the boycott and exclusion of Russian teams from international competitions. Just a week ago it was there in the Austrian newspaper Standard A larger report on the activities of the Austrian company in Russia – and the silence of Red Bull in this regard.

Quoted from financial analysts Ready ratios It was said at the end of March DeliveryThat Red Bull 2021 had delivered the equivalent of about €77.5 million in Russia and made a profit of €7.71 million. This represents an increase of 130.3 per cent compared to 2020. Red Bull has yet to take its place. But: There is now an undated short message on the company’s website that Red Bull “suspended all marketing activities and new investments in Russia at the beginning of March” and is acting in compliance with EU and US sanctions. States.

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