Closes 5,880 million contracts in just seven months

Spanish construction company ACS, led by businessman Florentino Perez, intensified its activity in Australia since the beginning of the year. Specifically, the listed company was closed 13 Contract worth 5,877 million of the euro since last March in the peripheral country, where it operates through its subsidiary Cimic.

in between Biggest Contracts The award highlights the design and construction of a highway in Australia for 1240 million euros. The new infrastructure will connect southern Sydney to the ring road network. ACS won this contract in May through its subsidiaries CPB Constractors and UGL, which formed “joint project‘With the Italian multinational Ghella.

In July, Simic, Through its 50% owned subsidiary Ventia, obtained a contract in the country to implement the management of more than 30 public service headquarters for a period of 5 years and 7 months, extendable for another 3 years. This agreement will create the company Enter 1110 million euros During approximately six years of the initial period.

The Australian subsidiary of ACS signed in March Partnership contract with energy company CuString to develop a high-voltage transmission network in the ocean state. This agreement will generate revenue for Simic of approximately €1,100 million over three years.

More than 500 million contracts

two months ago, engraving Granted to run the mine Mount Pleasant in New South Wales (Australia), for a total amount of 583 million euros. ACS subsidiary obtained this contract through its subsidiary This, which controls 50% of the capital with the Elliot Fund.

in August, The Australian subsidiary of the Spanish group Won a contract extension to operate the mine enjoyable mountain New South Wales for €580 million. Likewise, this contract is entered into by Thiess.

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On the other hand, the company has acquired a project to improve a highway in Sydney that will generate an income of 500 million euros During the five years that the project will continue. Australian subsidiary ACS was awarded this contract Under a “joint venture” jointly with Downer.

other contracts

At the beginning of June, the ACS subsidiary closed two new contracts in Australia, one in Sydney and the other in Queensland, with a total value of more than 190 million euros. The first work will be a tower for rent implemented by the company CPB Contractors. While the second agreement achieved by UGL, Includes construction and installation of a high-voltage transmission line from Kidston Hasta Fox Mountain in Queensland.

In association with Acciona, ACS At the beginning of September, it won a contract to build an area of ​​operations Western Sydney International Airport (Nancy Bird Walton) and do paving work, which will mean for its Australian subsidiary Cimic 164 million euros. About Third Project Grant Via Sydney West Airport for the joint venture.

Through Ventia, this year Cimic signed a contract with the Australian Department of Defense, which consists in providing engineering support for the development of new equipment for the Australian Armed Forces, in the amount of €100 million. On the other hand, ACS won a contract Railroad In Australia €80 million to improve the Gippsland Line connecting Melbourne to other urban centers in the state of Victoria.

The latest agreement closed this week. engraving, through its subsidiary UGL, has been awarded a contract extension in Australia worth 93 million euros To manage the assets and all services related to BP fuel stations in the country.

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Cimic has secured the construction of a new residential and leisure center next to a train station in Brisbane (Australia) at a value of 65 million euros. The less substantial agreement was closed this month, and the group concluded with the extension of the contract for rail carriage in the Central Coast, amounting to more than 62 million euros.

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