« Climate, zero emissions by 2050; Disappointed in China and Russia. And on nuclear energy, ready to respond to Iran

“Thank you to Italy for the G20 and the hospitality, thanks my biker Who did a great job presiding over this event in a difficult year marked by significant global challenges, with tangible consequences for the climate, the pandemic and the economy” – said the US President Joe Biden At the press conference at the end Group of Twenty from Rome. Asked about climate change, the president said: “First I can say my plan Rebuild better It will pass and be approved. That’s $900 billion for climate change, which is one of the largest investments in the world. You thought it couldn’t happen, now you’re amazed as she prepares to go to port: we’ll see next weekend if Congress approves it. The infrastructure plan provides for significant reductions in investments in electric vehicles, we are talking about a commitment equal to $230 billion.” He then added: “We have had very serious and productive meetings in recent days and will continue in Glasgow for Cop26. What we saw here in Rome I believe is the strength of America working with our partners and allies to make progress on issues that matter to all of us, to solve problems.” Satisfaction with the G20’s support for the global minimum tax agreement.

As for fossil fuels, they will be needed for a long time, Biden explained, “We will have to go on for at least a few years to celebrate this historic step,” the president explained. Change won’t happen quickly: “We won’t move to Renewable energy Overnight, in the meantime, we will stop financing coal. It is unrealistic to stop using Gasoline and gas Suddenly, but we will come Zero emissions by 2050The chief said again.

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Biden arrives at the G20 summit for the second day of the summit by imposing security measures

Secrets of the American President’s car monster. Cadillac One: Hideaway on 4 wheels. Shield thicker than 20 cm

Disappointment for China and Russia

The ‘disappointment’ about the G20’s climate performance has to do with ‘the fact that Russia and the China They have not made any commitments on climate change, I understand the disappointment, even I found it disappointing.” The “disappointment” about the G-20 outcomes on the climate front “is linked to the fact that Russia and China have not agreed to any commitment on climate change, and I understand the disappointment, even finding it disappointing.” But Biden stressed that “significant progress has been made,” even if there is still much to be done, he concluded, stressing that we must “focus on what Russia, China and Saudi Arabia are not doing.” On the nuclearBiden said that the United States is “still suffering” from former President Donald Trump’s “very bad” decisions to exit the nuclear agreement with Iran, stressing that “it all depends now on Tehran’s willingness to respect the agreement.” And if Iran launches drone attacks or carries out other provocations, the United States – and Biden concluded on this point – “will respond.”

Difficulties in the supply chain

“The Covid virus has had severe consequences for the supply chain. The economy is changing and the United States must keep pace with it.” Then Joe Biden called on 14 countries from the Group of Twenty to take action to solve the problem Bottlenecks in the supply chain It made it “diverse,” “safe,” and “transparent,” and announced that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken would chair a summit early next year to bring together the key parties involved and chart a way forward. This was announced by the White House. “Now that we’ve seen how vulnerable these global trade lines are, we can’t go back to ‘business as usual’,” he warned, unveiling some of the new measures he has taken. These include allocating additional funds to help US partners reduce congestion at ports, including by streamlining bureaucracy.

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Feelings in memory of a lost son

«Pope Francesco He is a respected man with a great deal of sympathy”, “understands that much Christianity is open and tolerant”, “a man who fights for peace not only in the Catholic Church but in the world”: Joe Biden returns to pay tribute to the Pope at his press conference at the conclusion of a summit The twentieth after receiving him on his historic visit to the Vatican green disc on communionDespite the objections of various conservative American Catholic bishops to his position In favor of the abortion law. But for the president, the relationship with the Holy Father is something “very personal,” he said, as he seemed to move, almost in tears, in front of dozens of journalists. “Pope Francis, he said, became someone who brought great comfort to my family when my son died.” “I was really relieved to lose a part of my soul, my son Beau,” he continued in a broken voice, recalling when he met the Pope on his trip to the United States in 2015 with the entire Biden family shortly after his disappearance. His son Beau, who had a brain tumor, prayed with them all in Philadelphia before leaving. “He spoke for 15 minutes and not in a general way, he knew what man my son was,” she recalls. «Pope Francis – confessed – has become, and I do not want to exaggerate, mainstay. For me, my family, and other families. A reference figure in the Catholic Church that expresses the unity of the difference. A fundamental principle that is completely original and true.” He always welcomed me with open arms. He never criticized, he didn’t judge, he always had a sympathetic effect. He never judged. He tried to make peace. Biden emphasized that he is a symbol of a church that embraces differences, not forgetting the phone call he had with him the day after his victory In the election “to tell me how much he values ​​my work for the most vulnerable people.”

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