Climate change: ‘We’re heading towards catastrophe’: a scientist arrested for warning the world | trends

And as in the movie “Don’t Look”, a world of Container was arrested for Chained to the doors of a bank in the United Statesto alert the world to consequences climate change Because there is no global action against planetary crisis.

That’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration researcher Peter Calmos, who along with physicist Greg Spooner, science educator Alan Chornack and engineer Eric Gill, was arrested for chaining themselves for about four hours to protest outside a bank they had invested the most money in Fossil fuels than any other country in the United States.

“We have tried to warn you for many decades that we are heading towards a bloody catastrophe and we have been ignored. The world’s scientists are being ignored, and this must stop. We are not joking, lying, exaggerating”: Calmus argued the scientist, while calling for immediate action to address a problem climate crisiswhich will have dire consequences for planet.

The Scientists They were arrested by more than twenty policemen, but they were released and one of them posted on his account Twitterwho was grateful for their attempt, and they were able to gain people’s attention via media and social networks.

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It should be noted that this protest was also supported by him More than 1000 researchers Who at the same time actively to alert the lack of global action against planetary crisis.

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