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In his book ‘Pale blue point“, Carl Sagan It quotes a passage from the writer’s novel “Moby Dick” Herman Melville: “I am tormented by the constant itch of distant things. I love sailing in forbidden seas and landing on barbaric beaches.” We established Novacino Like a ship that will take you to those shores and reveal those things that will define our future: new technologies and scientific discoveries that have the power to change our civilization, sometimes subtly, sometimes profoundly and irreversibly.

Novacin is a term coined by James Lovelock In his new book,NovacinThe scientist and the futurist are known as a theory GaiaOne of the Greek deities who embodies our world. According to Lovelock, we live in a self-organizing superorganism where plants and animals are cells that interact with our inorganic environment to perpetuate the living conditions of planet Earth.

Until very recently, humans were just another animal, a tiny fraction of a planetary machine. But according to Lovelock and other scientists, that hasn’t been the case since The AnthropoceneThe unofficial geological era that we are in today. In the Anthropocene, human activity is responsible for the transformation of the planet on a large scale and at all levels, from climate and ecosystems to geography itself. For the first time in our short history, we can influence Gaia’s work. And by all indications, we are pushing it to its fullest.

Perception of Global Communications in the Anthropocene (

Lovelock’s new theory is that the Anthropocene will be, fortunately, a very short period thanks to humans themselves and the exponential momentum of technology that culminated in the birth of artificial intelligence. Recently, The artificial intelligence will realize its existence It became the predominant species on the planet. And in the process, we will save ourselves.

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Lovelock doesn’t believe AI will destroy us like an unwanted virus. There will be no evil Terminators or Skynets. According to him, man and machine will co-exist and cooperate to ensure their survival and that of the planet. These new organisms, which will also integrate with humans thanks to multiple bioelectronic interfaces, will be the key to humanity’s survival in a new era that he calls Novacin.

From Darwin’s point of view – or from science fiction authors such as Isaac Asimov The Civilization Scale KardashevThis vision is logical: in the end, “Homo sapiens” is just a step towards a better and more efficient lifestyle than ours. It can be called “Homo silicium”. A form of life that can really control its fate, whether on Earth or on other planets and star systems.

We are still far from this Technological exclusivity, Though not as much as most people think. And while it will be radical and revolutionary, it will not be more shocking than other radical changes, such as the Industrial Revolution. It will not eliminate humanity, although it will bring about its transformation.

Sagan – one of our eminent philosophers – argues in “Pale Blue Point” that Humanity is not the center of the universe. Not from the galaxy. Not even from the solar system or from Earth itself. Mankind has been around for just over 10,000 years, which is a fraction of the heartbeat of a planet 4,543 million years old. The astronomer says, hanging on a patch in space, we spent that little time killing each other to perfect a part of something totally unimportant.

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Not important, says Sagan, but unique and precious at the same time. althoug We are sure there are millions of worlds alive Only in our own galaxy, at the moment we only know our own galaxy. It is possible that some of these worlds had intelligent beings. And other civilizations also developed. Or a childish like us. But right now, we don’t know for sure. For now, we just know that no one else exists. Alone in the universe is saturated with this brief today with humiliation Who denies science and embraces obscurantism and conspiracyA person can only cling to dreams of scientific and technological progress for some of our species. Human history has shown that those dreams have always been the key to our survival and prosperity in the face of Malthus’ dreadful predictions. It seems logical to think that we will, once again, continue down the same path.

Like Lovelock and Sagan, we’re optimistic here. We hope these dreams will win the battle of darkness and take us on a journey beyond self-destruction – to the era of the birth of a new planet, peace, and prosperity.

Novacino will be the historical record for that trip.

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