GTA Fan recreates the protagonists with next-generation graphics

It will likely be some time before the release of a brand new Grand Theft Auto built from initial releases on next-generation consoles, but Hussein Diba may have given fans their closest taste of what this game might look like! The artist has re-imagined three popular characters from the franchise, as they may appear on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X: Carl Johnson (GTA San Andreas), Tommy Vercetti (GTA Vice City(And Niko Bellic)GTA IV). The results were more impressive than they were at first, adding a level of detail that was impossible on previous devices. If this is what GTA fans should look forward to in this console generation, the future definitely looks bright!

3D models can be found in the tweets included below.

Depa has a knack for creating 3D models, and has shared a number of additional examples on his ArtStation page. The majority of these models are based on shows and movies like The Simpsons And the Spider-Man inside the Spider WorldVideo game fans will be excited to see that he also has images from Cyberpunk 2077 The statue he also worked on. Those looking for the upcoming CD Projekt Red game will definitely want to check it out Here.

As of this writing, Rockstar Games has not made an official announcement regarding the Grand Theft Auto VI. Grand Theft Auto V It will release on the PS5 and Xbox Series X with upgrades intended to take advantage of next-generation hardware, but that’s not quite as exciting as a new game that’s already built from the ground up. For now, fans will have to accept models like these, and they hope the next real Rockstar game in the series will deliver something almost impressive!

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