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Spain shows its hunger before the European Championship

Filda supports 7-0 against Australia in Nuevo Colombino

Madrid, 25 (European press)

The Spanish women’s soccer team crushed Australia (7-0) this Saturday at the Nuevo Colombino stadium in Huelva, referring to the hunger and desire of Jorge Velda’s team to arrive on July 8, for the first time in Euro 2022.

Spain had been rehearsing for two weeks in Las Rosas (Madrid) and was already obsessed with music. Jump on the field, compete and prove that they are highly motivated and have the level of their dreams in England. The penultimate rehearsal showed that Felda starved against a disjointed opponent in the second half.

It was a friendly match, but the national team took it seriously. On the verge of the break, Australia’s plan was already spoiled, with Ponmate’s superb goal, and after the break, Spain scored three more goals in 10 minutes, Mariona, Esther and Lucia Garcia (4-0). The one for Velda from start to finish, with other final fireworks and goals from Lucia and another duo from Irene Guerrero.

Farewell in front of his fans, the last preparatory match to be held on July 1 against Italy, did not disappoint, the coach warned. Despite the fact that “Matildas” formed for several minutes with two lines of five players very withdrawn, Spain did not stop looking for holes, with rhythm and offensive intent.

Alexia Putellas moved the team well and opportunities kept coming, with Amaiur’s goal disallowed. Although the turf did not help much, Spain put the pace in the match and Lucia presented herself on more than one occasion. The Australian team’s biggest chance was in the 20th minute, Gorey’s cross.

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The local siege was comprehensive at the break, when Ponmate made the score 1-0, controlling the right corner and top and left with the left. Australia delivered nothing away, very physically in their defence, but with three changes and the biggest Spanish punch, they were sent off when they came back from the locker room. Mariona, who had already tried it in the first half, made it 2-0 from afar in the 48th minute.

The culé showed they were back to their best version, just as Esther gained confidence, who arrived injured in focus, and Lucia Garcia, who confirmed the win (4-0). The referee had mercy on Australia, with a penalty kick to clear hands, and Vilda took turns in her trial, without the team losing a bite.

When the visitors asked about the time, the Roja coach confirmed that his players would find it difficult to make the list for the continental championship. Spain pressed in the last half and in the 81st minute, Lucia concluded a certain double. Meanwhile, Irene Guerrero scored another double in two minutes with a header and a long shot.

The Australians brought in injuries, key players who rested despite the other girls aiming for a place in the 2023 World Cup they will host, but Spain is going into business, taking advantage of every minute to piece together reasons and sensations to believe. On July 8, the first appearance against Finland in the European Nations Cup.

data sheet:

– Result: Spain, 7 – Australia, 0. (1-0, in the first half).

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Spain: fabrics; Batley, Paredes, Ivana (Pereira, min 70), Layla; Ponmate (Irene Guerrero, break), Guigaro (Ablera, low 76), Alexia (Zornoza, low 70), Lucia, Amayor (Ester, Brick) and Mario (Athena del Castillo, low 63).

Australia: Micah (Arnold, out); Grant, Polkenhorn, Nevin, Yallop (Sare, min 66); Fine, Gauri (Ray, 75 min), Van Egmond (Ranken, break), Wheeler, Cromer (Simsen, minimum 66) and Jelnick (Ebene-Essi, break).

– Objectives:

1-0, minimum 44, ponmate.

2-0, minimum 48, Mariona.

3 – 0, min 53, Esther.

4 – 0, low 58, Lucia Garcia.

5 – 0, low 81, Lucia Garcia.

6-0, minimum 89, Irene Guerrero.

7 – 0, bottom 91, Irene Guerrero.

– Reference: Monica Mularczyk (Poland). Gorey (at least 69) and Grant (at least 85) were blamed by Australia.

Stadium: New Colombino.

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