Chocolate rain in a Swiss village: what happened?

Cocoa chocolate Switzerland Olten Lindt
Many torrential rains have been documented throughout human history. This time it was the turn of the chocolate!

What Chocolate lovers Have you ever dreamed of unlimited access to this pleasure? What if it came directly from the sky, perhaps as rain?

This dream story can definitely come true by some residents Olten, a Small town located in northern Switzerland Near Zurich. Olten is famous for having one of the oldest train stations in the country, but also for being the place to be A famous brand of chocolates Lindt & Spr√ľngli.

The strange event arose because the plant suffered a failure in the ventilation system of the cocoa roaster line. This defect caused dust to be emitted outside, and last Friday night’s strong winds spread it around the factory.

As the hours passed, the various public sectors of the city, homes and cars were covered by A. Thin layer of chocolate.

A factory spokesperson reported the error and confirmed it Chocolate is harmlessEven for the environment. In addition, the company made it clear that it offered Pay cleaning For all cars or artifacts covered in cocoa.

Meanwhile, Olten residents enjoyed the strange event by posting it on their site social networks To remember a moment everyone wants to live.

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Even the Swiss embassy in the UK made a funny sign on its official Twitter account: “Unfortunately we cannot promise you what will happen when you visit, however It was snowing in Switzerland this week!.

Other heavy rains

It has long been pointed out Argentina meteorite a Heavy rains that have been documented throughout human history.

There are thousands of records referring to this type of episode, and the most common torrential rain is rain Fish and frogs. This is generally due to the presence of the Hurricane or sea horn That on its way it absorbs part of the water from the pond, lake or sea surface, and pours it at a certain distance, which causes rain to the animals mentioned above. There are also references to rain Ducks, rats, worms, lizards, jellyfish, or snakesWith the same scientific explanation.

We invite you to continue reading on Is the link What other strange things have been deposited through history and been able to document them.

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