China’s Three New Moves: Xi’s Signals to Russia

“But it is moving,” Galileo Galilei said, referring to the Earth: Now the President of China begins to move, Xi Jinping, so far he has remained “silent” and always on the fringes of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine as if he were an ordinary neutral spectator, having in fact nothing neutral. In fact, Beijing has been very active in the past few hours in terms of communications and on several continents: Asia, Europe and America. Xi wants to avoid the increasing isolation caused by the damage done to his “friend” the Tsar. There are at least three new moves Which portends a more direct integration into what is happening in the Western world.

Connect with India

In the past few hours, Xi Jinping sent Foreign Minister Wang Yi from Delhi to make his first contact withIndia Which has not happened since June 2020 when there was fighting on the border that resulted in dozens of deaths on the Himalayan side and on Chinese soil. However, friction is still present to the point that “I would describe the current situation as a work in progressThe Indian Minister, Subrahmanam Jaishankar, said as we read Courier service. From the Ukrainian point of view, the two powers seem to get along well: they want to end hostilities with the diplomacy that should prevail over the conflict. Wang Yi had also invited India to play.”A more important role in international affairsIn short, there is a basis for finding an agreement: to date, India has also remained a “neutral bystander”, not explicitly condemning the Russian invasion. Relations with Putin are always good even if the advice is to cleverly leave the conflict.

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Contact with South Korea

Step Two: Xi Jinping calls Byun Seok Yeol, the new head of South Korea In office as of May. As seen on, Beijing and Seoul witnessed the latest missile exhibition of Kim Jong Un who launched the world’s largest missile off the coast of Japan, raising tensions in Southeast Asia while Washington commits to Europe. He said something to his counterpart that “Our two countries are permanent and inseparable neighbors and inseparable partners: both are responsible for maintaining regional peace and promoting global prosperity amid multiple international challenges.And in this case, too, it is an important clue to the dialogue.

The phone call with London

The third step, the third evidence that provides evidence that Xi is “moving”: the telephone interview with Boris Johnson in which he stressed that China intends to continue playing “building role“In promoting peace in Ukraine the international community should really”Creating the necessary conditions for a political solution to the issue“.During the interview, the Chinese leader analyzed the development of bilateral relations, calling on the other side to look at the relationship from a point of view.”fair and objectiveChina is.Willing to engage in dialogue with London in a frank, open and inclusive manner“It hopes that the latter will cooperate with Beijing in developing relations, which, despite their vicissitudes, are constantly developing. The volume of bilateral trade reaches one hundred billion dollars and last year Chinese investments in the country”They have more than three times“China and the UK are different from,” the Chinese leader noted.Terms and development paths“And on them”Respect each other, promote dialogue and exchanges, expand cooperation with an open and inclusive mind‘, he finished.

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Let’s not forget that Xi, a few days ago, revealed the “tiger and rattle” quote in the dialogue with Joe Biden: as means that many responsibilities also fall on the shoulders of the United States that should “pull” the bell from Putin’s tiger.

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