Chidiac’s trip to return to his country, Australia

The crisis caused by the Coronavirus has had a global impact, but it has prepared especially with countries like Spain. Our country has had some of the most restrictive confinement measures and this has also affected foreigners residing in the national territory who have attempted to return to their countries of origin.

The Atletico Madrid He also touched him, of course. A soccer player, Alex
Chidiac, Explains the journey he had to take to get back Australia And how bad it is during forced confinement.

The player explained that it took 45 hours to return to her country, after many attempts, and many conversations with the Australian consulate, and that it was limited to three weeks. Madrid. Empty flights and deserted airports Frankfurt s Doha To reach it Melbourne.

“Going home was tough,” he explained. Chidiac AAPAustralian News Agency. “There weren’t many flights departing and I was on the phone with the consulate quite often to find out which route was best,” he said.

In the end, “all options are reduced to work Frankfurt The ParisBut either way you had to wait 15 hours, so we tried to choose the best airport to stay in … I had to arrange a bed with some random tables, ” said the 21-year-old, who took a turn to forget, with an ankle injury She hadn’t left him alone in seven months.

Complicated season

“I had to really take care of the mental side of things and do my physical rehabilitation for the first time. It’s not easy to see everyone playing week after week, especially since our girls have done so well at Champions League“, The player said about her campaign.

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She said: “There have been many games and missed opportunities this year, but I think I learned a lot to know the meaning of injury and how to be a better teammate without playing.”

Chidiac, Who spent another year on her contract in the Spanish capital, hopes to succeed and get her team contacted again. And with the soccer suspension, Chidiac Join the initiative Play for lifeWhich connects charities with athletes who want to volunteer. After spending 14 days in self-quarantine, she spent time volunteering at Miscellaneous: Children’s Charitable Society, And compiling care packages for people who need them. “I am thinking of doing a community development course and I think it would be a very good opportunity to learn more about the community and charities that exist,” he said. He added, “It was really good for me to go out and separate myself from the football side, rehab and red tape to pack some games.”

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