Celtics and Heat match result, Fast Food: Tyler Hero leads Miami to a 3-1 series lead over Boston by winning Match 4

Celtics and Heat match result, Fast Food: Tyler Hero leads Miami to a 3-1 series lead over Boston by winning Match 4

Tyler Hero was really a story Before the fourth match of the Eastern Conference Finals. The rookie burst for 18 points in the first half in Game 3, including a 3-second wave that kept the Miami Heat attack afloat. He averaged 14.8 points, 4.0 assists and 5.7 rebounds in the qualifiers, giving Miami an additional playing industry beyond those from Jimmy Butler, Goran Dragic and Pam Adebayo. But he never had such a game this is In his autobiography.

Hero scored 37 points from the bench against the Boston Celtics on Wednesday, pushing the Heat team to win 112-109 and lead 3-1. And he did it effectively: 14 to 21, 5 to 10 in depth.

He punished Boston’s weaker defenders, took advantage of its fallen coverage to a pick-and-roll game, and after his temperature caught fire, he didn’t care who was guarding him. About four minutes before the end of the fourth quarter, Herro isolated against world-class defender Marcus Smart and fired a jump several feet behind the three-point streak. Smart objected alright, but fell across the network, earning “BANG!” From Mike Breen on broadcast.

“The context for these products is the big watershed in the league,” said Miami coach Eric Spoelstra. “These are pressure shots. We had to go against a really good defense. He was playing at the end of the hour. That’s the skill set that he has.”

Miami were 12 points ahead in the third quarter largely due to his defense, which knocked the Celtics out of their rhythm altogether. Boston star Jason Tatum did not score a single point in the first half, and the Heat Zone 2-3 once again proved disruptive.

But Tatum picked things up and finished this game with 28 team-wide points in a 10-to-22 shot – cool stuff from someone who’s been out of reach for so long. Even when the Celtics got started, though, Miami was able to reconcile the playing industry with its own defensive diversity.

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Pam Adebayo continued to trouble Boston. He scored 20 points on 7-to-11 shots, with 12 rebounds, four assists, two steals and a countless amount of activity at the bottom of the Hit Zone. Butler and Dragic weren’t that proficient, and wise shooting, but they played the clutch and kept Miami steady in the attack. The Celtics had a chance to the end, but were unable to cope with 19 turnovers. The Heat only had eight.

Miami has a chance to punch the finals ticket in Game Five on Friday.

Here are three points from Game 4:

1. Miami always has answers

The Heat were dominating most of that match, but it’s no small feat that the Bostonians were one point ahead in the fourth quarter and they didn’t hesitate. Miami was unaffected by the comeback of Tatum, the smart playmaker – he had five assists in the third quarter – or the Celtics team began to emerge offensively.

This is Hit. They have personnel to respond to running, to adapt in and between games, to attack defenses in multiple ways. Boston coach Brad Stephens meticulously said Hero was the difference in the game – “the edge must have looked like an ocean to him,” he said – but it’s not as if Miami has completely redirected their attack around the 20-year-old.

“He’s no longer a beginner,” Spoelstra said. “We need his skill set. Does that mean they’ll translate into this kind of point production every night? No, no. I mean, we’re not necessarily built that way. It’s different people and contributions from a lot of different guys. But Boston was faltering,” They also tend to do, first, second and third choices sometimes than we were looking for, and Tyler was able to make a lot of insults in random situations, which you need against a good defense. “

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The Herro is technically still a beginner, but in seeding games it was evident that he had improved during the downtime. The creative became more polished, as he was constantly marrying moxie to shoot the shots with the vision of the court. In the playoffs, Miami exceeded expectations by increasing Dragic minutes, empowering Herro and playing Adebayo exclusively in the middle. Spoelstra always has a lot of playmakers on the ground, and it’s a necessity against a stingy defense like the Celtics. During Part Four, he had Dragic, Hero Butler, Adebayo and Andrei Iguodala on the field together.

“Tonight was my recording night,” Hiro said. “The next game, I’m sure it will be different.”

This is the significance of the eruption of Hiro. The Heat always seems to have answers, even against a team full of firepower, well-trained, intelligent, and transferable. When Boston tried to trap Butler, there was Iguodia, not making a perfect pass from a short lap. When it moved to a small lineup, Heat broke the panels and Adebayo had problems painting.

By the way, Hiro said that he’s been playing this way all his life. “Before Kentucky, before the NBA, I grew up with the ball in my hands, I play and I make hard shots.” “I feel like this is my game.” Then he indicated that not many players have a chance like him, with coaches and team-mates who trust him to do his work on this kind of stage. Herro is wrongly labeled as a guy who picks up and shoots the league, and if he’s on another system, that could be him.

2. Boston Lament

This is a far cry from a typical 3-1 streak – both teams scored a total of 441 points – but this is a cool respite for the Celtics who hit a 20 percent turnover rate on Wednesday. Boston was generally trying to attack soft points in the Heat area and exploit weaker defenders against a man-to-man confrontation, but her victory in Game 3 was not achieved by aggression alone – it was also decisive and purposeful. For many possessions in the first half of Game 4, it was unclear what the Celtics were trying to achieve in the attack. After an impressive response in the third quarter, Boston was dirty again in the fourth quarter.

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Upon entering the series, I was optimistic about the Celtics based on Hayward’s comeback and assuming they would find it easier to get into a Miami match than they did against the Toronto Raptors. He really helped Hayward, and Boston’s attacking rating jumped from 106.4 against Toronto to 113.4 in this round, but he has a much lower margin of error now as he fights against the Heat team who often come out of their attack in the half of the field.

If the series ‘status was different, it would be easy to point to the Celtics’ return in the second half as evidence of the good things coming. That might still be the case, but now that they face exclusion, the silver bushings don’t mean much. Those possessions that have no purpose in the first half are on the horizon.

3. It did not conduct heat well

Miami won the Conference Finals game despite Jay Crowder going 1-on-9 (and 1-to-7 deep) and Duncan Robinson missing all five shots (including four 3 shots). The Hit players not called Hero went to 5 to 27 out of a 3-point range, and Boston tied 38 points in the paint.

The lesson here: Getting to the free throw line is important (Miami went 24-27, Celtics 17 versus 21) and take care of the ball. really Issues.

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