CDMX, C40 and UK Collaboration Begins

The Secretariats for Mobility (Simofi) and the Environment (Sidema) will cooperate in the implementation of Climate Action Implementation Program (CAI) in Mexico City funded by UK government It is managed by C40 Cities.

The goal is to preserve the environment and combat the effects of climate change.

Andres Lagos, President of Semovi, noted that the program will support the enhancement of the mobility team’s capabilities, as well as work on technical guidelines for the fleet of electric public transportation vehicles that will be deployed on the streets of Mexico City and in structuring. from zero emission lanes.

UK Ambassador to Mexico, John Benjamin He highlighted opportunities for collaboration with the Government of Mexico City, in key areas that intersect with transportation and climate change mitigation.

Ilan Kuberstein, Interim Regional Director for C40 Latin American Cities, highlighted the importance of Mexico City’s participation in the CAI program and key transport actions as one of the main hubs for obtaining significant change in society through innovation.

In Mexico City, with the implementation of the procedures that make up Environment and Climate Change ProgramSimofi said in a statement that between 2019 and 2021, 1,810,488 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) were avoided annually, which is 82% of the target set for 2024.

Also participating in the program are Guadalajara, Bogota, Lima and Medellin.

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