Catholic Pastoral District and Evangelical Community Submit 2000 and 2020 Figures: Churches Still Losing Members – Holt Stockenbrook Castle

“The evolution of the parishes has changed a lot for everyone in the past twenty years,” says Rev. Carl Joseph Oris in The New Parish News. Pastoral spaces emerged and suffered from scandals and recorded withdrawals. People certainly found the faith, but the churches became noticeably empty. Statistics tell a lot. “The future will be more difficult,” says Oris.

The five Catholic parishes in Schloss Holt-Stockenbrook have shrunk by 19.87 percent from 13,160 to 10,545 in the past twenty years. The “first runner” is the parish of St. Heinrich Cindy, which lost nearly a quarter of its parishioners. From 2151 in 2000 there are still 1622 until now. Saint Johannes Baptiste Stockenbroek lost 20.99 percent (from 4,343 to 3,431), Saint Ursula Schloss Holt lost 19.39 percent (from 4,284 to 3453), and Saint Joseph Lemke lost 17.4 percent (from 1626 to 1343). Best place in St. Actius Stockenbrook Sene. The community lost only 60 parishioners in 20 years, or 7.93 percent (from 756 to 696).

The numbers in the three Catholic parishes in Verle are on the national average (15.57 percent loss of 14,691 parishioners to 12,403). In terms of percentage, the parish of Saint Maria Immaculata Counts loses the most (minus 26.26 percent, from 3,236 to 2,386 parishioners). Saint Anna Verle shrunk by 13.53 percent (from 9,740 to 8,422 parishes). Saint Judas Thaddeus Sornheide loses only 6.99 percent (1715-1595).

Protestant Church

And the evangelical church community is very open about numbers. On the website under the heading “Who We Are”, all figures are listed with baptisms and burials since 2000. “All over Germany, the Evangelical Church has lost more congregations than the Catholic Church,” says Pastor D. . Carsten Glatt. At Schloss Holt-Stockenbrooke, the number fell from 6,764 in 2000 to 6,112 in 2020. This is a loss of 9.6 percent. “We were fortunate to have a few new arrivals. There are fewer exits in the village area. The number was almost the same until 2008, and the collapse can be felt from 2009 onwards.”

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