Can be charged from a distance of 10 meters, enlarged screen with one click; Wonderful Oppo phone

the classroomOppo is at the forefront of rigging technology. The company is proving this once again with a smartphone that can be fully wirelessly charged.

Oppo revealed the Oppo X2021 smartphone at the Mobile World Congress on Tuesday, which can be charged up to 10 meters from the charging base.

This is made possible by using magnetic resonance technology that can deliver up to 7.5 watts of power to the device. No charging cable or cradle needed.

At the same time, the phone that Oppo is showing that features charging technology is also very special.

The Oppo X2021 smartphone is a foldable screen smartphone that enlarges the smartphone screen size with the click of a button. The company did not disclose additional details about the phone.

Although wireless charging technology already exists, it is not yet widely available on smartphones. Meanwhile, Oppo isn’t the only company scrambling for wireless technology. Xiaomi also has its own wireless technology called MI Air Charge. The MI Air Charge can deliver up to 5W of power over a specified distance.

Content highlights: OPPO foldable screen concept smartphone with true wireless charging

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