Bye Twitter, Hello Mastodon: all about the platform that many users migrate to

Twitter and Mastodon (Reuters)

Ago Elon Musk He made a $44 billion deal to buy Twitter On October 27, 2022, the entrepreneur made efforts to allay concerns about the potential spread of misinformation and hate speech on the platform. in the midst of turmoil, Some Twitter users searched for alternative social networks. One of the most popular mastodonswith approx 4.5 million accounts.

On November 7, Musk, 51, tweeted at least three derogatory comments about Mastodon before they were deleted. This is what you need to know about the social network.

Mastodon was introduced in 2016 by developer Eugene Rochko, and describes itself as a “decentralized, free and open source social media platform” that aims to beA practical alternative to TwitterThe name of the platform is inspired by a relative of the extinct mammoth and elephant.

Its software is developed by Mastodon gGmbH, a German non-profit organization run by Rochko. The company did not respond to requests for comment.

be from open source It means that the original Mastodon source code is publicly available and can be redistributed and modified. People can contribute to the code behind Mastodon by identifying and fixing bugs, adding new features, and translating its interface into different languages.

Anyone can create their own version of Mastodon, known as a server, with rules and regulations that only apply to that version. People using this version take it upon themselves to enforce it.

The start of the Mastodon app (Reuters)
The start of the Mastodon app (Reuters)

Mastodon’s way of working has caused problems. Right-wing social networks Gab and Truth Social made use of Mastodon’s codewhich the company objected to. Mastodon realized that being free and open source meant giving up the ability to choose who could use it.

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Mastodon can be used in a web browser or through iPhone and Android apps. At least 20 third-party apps have also been developed to access Mastodon.

Twitter is a unique social network, that is, people create an account and share content only there. Mastodon is what is known as unified platformany group of social networks —or servers– which are related to each other but Owned by different people or groups.

Mastodon is part of Fediverseor a united universe, a group of unified platforms that share communication protocols.

Unlike Twitter, Mastodon features an extension Posts in chronological orderrather than based on an algorithm. It also does not contain ads; Mastodon works largely through crowdfunding. Most servers are powered by the resources of the people who use them. The servers overseen by Mastodon – Mastodon Social and Mastodon Online – are funded by Patreon, a membership and subscription services platform often used by content creators.

Although Mastodon is visually similar to Twitter, it The user experience is very similar to that of DiscordIt is a talking and texting app where people also join servers with their own cultures and rules.

Unlike Twitter and Discord, Mastodon does not have the ability to impose anything on its users or the people who create the servers. This includes setting moderation for content or rules about which posts are kept and which are removed.

Mastodon Social Network
Mastodon Social Network

But servers can determine how they interact with each other or whether they interact in a shared stream of messages. For example, when Gab used Mastodon code, Mastodon Social and other independent servers would crash the Gab server, so Gab posts would not appear in the channels of people using these servers.

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To register with Mastodon, you must register for an account on the server. This website will be home to your account, profile, and channel. Some websites allow instant registration, while others require approval or an invitation. there At least 4000 independent servers, according to calculations. Many servers are themed, from one for every usurper in the universe and another for the UK.

Like an email account, the username includes the server name. For example, a potential username on Mastodon Social would be [email protected] Regardless of which server you are registered with, you can interact with people using other Mastodon servers or you can switch to another server. Once you register and get an account, You can post a trumpet, which is the tweet version of Mastodon. You can also boost other people’s horns, which is the equivalent of retweeting.

Setting up your own server is more complicated. You have to host it yourself, which requires a website, a virtual computer system connected to the internet, and an email provider. The computer also needs to install some security protocols and programming languages. Once you have it, you can download the Mastodon Code. There are dedicated providers to host and run Mastodon servers. The company also has detailed instructions for those wishing to set up their own server, which is not required to join or use Mastodon.

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