Buyers should give space to the memory of Johann Georg Olin-Schopfheim

Uehlin-Areal in Schopfheim

Schopfheimer City Council is to approve the renewal of the Uehlin-Huser tender. This is not the first time the committee has dealt with the matter, but the biggest hurdle has been removed.

The city’s history is under the hammer … for the third time! After failed attempts in 2016 and 2020, historic Uehlin homes will now be up for sale again. The chances should be much better this time, as both buildings can now be demolished, meaning the biggest sales hurdle to date removed. The city wants to adhere to other guidelines – and that now also relates to the memory of Johann George Ulin.

The Uehlin House on Hauptstrasse 40 has been vacant for over 16 years – but now the city administration doesn’t want to waste any more time. In mid-March, Mayor Dirk Harsher announced that after much backsliding, the largest floor of sales to date – the ban on demolishing the corner building. Homebuyers can, but should not, retain the corner building. Now, at a city council meeting in April, the city council is supposed to wreak havoc and decide a tender for the nearly 200-year-old building. Although these have been in poor condition for a long time, they were severely damaged in a 2017 fire.

The minimum bid is set at € 250,000

As Mayor Harcher announced, the sale must be subject to terms again. As with previous tenders, the proposed decision stipulates that the 312 square meter site and the two buildings in the most central location in Schopfheim should be sold for the highest bid – with the minimum bid set at € 250,000. Prospective buyers are also required to develop a concept of use and design “meaning enhancing the city center as a central meeting point and connection site,” as mentioned in the template.

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Attach the dashboard and turn off the printing machine

According to the Building Code, retail stores, small businesses that are out of date, living, gastronomy, and cultural uses are permitted – but no places for entertainment are permitted. In this context, the city council must explicitly decide that the city reserves the right to “include and weigh both the highest offer as well as the concept of design and use in evaluating the respective offer.”

However, this time, the sale must be tied to an additional condition: “For reasons of local history, the city of Schopfheim has a great interest in work and work when the Zawia building is demolished and rebuilt (…) or when it is being maintained and repaired to be honored and remembered by Johann George Olin, “” as stated in the meeting’s proposal.

Johann Georg Olin (born September 23, 1819; died December 20, 1893) published the first local newspaper in Schopfheim on April 2, 1864, with the title “Lieutenant Schopfheim”. Not only was Johan George Olin active as an editor, but he was also the owner of the printer, publisher, and author of numerous poems. In order to honor his life and work, the city wants to explicitly state that “In publicly available or visible rooms (for example, a coffee shop, restaurant or shop on the ground floor), a historic typewriter is borrowed from Schopfheim and an information board on the history of Building place. ” If the local council decides on the new bid, interested parties will have until July 9th to bid.

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the Council It meets on Monday April 19 at 6.30 pm at City Hall.

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