British MP resigns on charges of sexual assault of a minor

British MP Imran Ahmed Khan arrives at a London court where he was tried for sexual assault of a teenager (Reuters/Peter Chepura)

British Conservative MP Imran Ahmed Khan announced his resignation on Thursday after being found guilty on Monday of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy.

Khan, 48, a Conservative MP He appeals the verdict because he denied the facts for which he was convicted. However, he justifies his resignation because the judicial process is expected to be lengthy.

“I have come to the unfortunate conclusion It is unlikely that my administrators without a deputy would continue to get their voices through Parliament for years.”In a statement posted on Twitter, he stated that He “resigns” and “leaves political life”.

After the ruling, a spokesman for his party, to which Prime Minister Boris Johnson also belongs, announced that Khan’s exclusion “with immediate effect”.

British MP Imran Ahmed Khan (Reuters / Tom Nicholson)
British MP Imran Ahmed Khan (Reuters / Tom Nicholson)

During a party in January 2008, Khan gave a teenager a gin. According to the indictment, he then took him to another floor, laid him on the bed, and told him to look at pornography before sexually assaulting him.

The court heard Account of the victim being forced to drink gin before being asked to look at pornography and recall feeling “fear, weakness, numbness, shock and surprise”After Jean touched him without any political stance until he approached his nakedness and tried to sleep in the same room.

Complaint filed in 2019shortly after Jean, who always denied the facts, also blamed The victim of some shock, he was elected deputy in the general elections in December. At the time, he made it clear that “everything was stretched” and opted to take legal action, the British press reported.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Matt Dunham/Paul via Reuters)
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Matt Dunham/Paul via Reuters)

Khan, 48, will later be called to read the last sentence to him.

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The resignation of this MP from Wakefield in northern England imposes a The new election, which is expected to be difficult for Johnson’s party, has been severely weakened after the fine for breaching the rules against a historical bastion of the left.

The punishment was against the prime minister Attending a 56th birthday party at Cabinet Office on June 19, 2020presumably organized by his wife, who on Tuesday apologized “unreservedly” for the event and admitted that he had paid the penalty.

(with information from AFP, Europa Press)

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