Bridgerton, the evocative site for the Netflix TV series

BridgertonBased on Julia Quinn’s novels, the popular Netflix series set in the high-end London community during the English Regency in the 19th century is a feast for the eyes. Luxurious homes, shimmering elegance and stunning views recreate a sophisticated and dreamy atmosphere thanks to the judicious selection of locations. Some of them are in London.

Bridgerton House

Bridgerton House

It is the residence of Daphne, Anthony Bridgerton, and several of their siblings and widowed mother Mrs. Violet. It is a Georgian villa Located in Greenwich, Specifically in Chesterfield Walk Dell RALanger House. Throughout the centuries it was inhabited by royalty and aristocrats, and by the time Bridgerton was appointed (i.e. 1813), it was the home of Princess Augusta, the elder sister of King George III.

However, it is mostly used outdoors. Instead, indoor scenes are filmed Royal Air Force Halton, A Royal Air Force base located in Buckinghamshire was decommissioned for military purposes after 1913. The latter is responsible for the lobby, smoking room, corridor and stairs at Bridgerton House.

St. James’s Palace and Buckingham Palace

In the series, Queen Charlotte travels frequently between Buckingham Palace and St. James’ Palace. In this case, the scenes were shot in many majestic period residences such as Double Cube Room Preso Wilton House And the Long Gallery in Lancashire House for the interior, and the Hampton Court Palace in Richmond upon Thames for the exterior.

House of Hastings

House of Hastings

And the The Duke of Hastings’ London residenceSimon Bassett. The exterior we’ve already seen in other series and movies like The Crown, The Young Victoria, Emma, ​​and Pride and Prejudice.

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Exteriors belong to Wilton House de Salisbury, While in some scenes the more intimate atmosphere of the Badminton House in Gloucestershire and Sion House in London was a favorite.

Cliffedon Castle

It is the wonderful country residence of the Duke and Duchess of Hastings, however Unfortunately not found. All exterior (and some interior scenes) were shot in Castle Howard de York.

The dining room belongs to Wilton House de SalisburyWhere is due to the hall and gardens Badminton House Neal Gloucestershire. The nursery, on the other hand, is part of North Mymms Park.

Featherington House

Featherington House

Embarrassingly beautiful, Featherington House owes its lovely front end Royal Crescent de Bath. On the other hand, the interiors are a mix between Hatfield House in Hertfordshire and the Royal Air Force Halton in Buckinghamshire.

Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

These are the gardens where the most luxurious and luxurious outdoor parties are held. Curiously Vauxhall Gardens really do exist And for decades it was one of the most popular places for entertainment and public events in the capital. Now it no longer exists: in the series it has been replaced by Castle Howard in York And from The Temple of Venus in Stowe Park.

Dance halls

the hall

a lot , Luxurious halls It is seen in the series borrowed from several UNESCO sites, including Leigh Court in Somerset, Castle Howard, Bath Guildhall, and Bath Assembly Room.

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