Brexit: An International Education Without The United Kingdom

The last four students from Salzburg will start their stay at Erasmus in the UK in January. This success story ends with Brexit.

Salzburg. Students from Salzburg can no longer study in Great Britain during the new Erasmus + program period from 2021. The reason for this is the UK (UK) withdrawal from the European Union. “This is a big loss for the internationalization of education and science,” says Jacob Callis, managing director of the Education and Internationalization Agency (OeAD).

European success story

The Erasmus program is one of the most well-known European Union programs and a European success story. “Great Britain has been a part of Erasmus since it began in 1987. Erasmus is an initiative that broadens youth horizons, opens jobs and creates friendships. With Erasmus, international mobility could happen so that young people could not bear it otherwise,” Calis says.

Between 2014 and 2019, an average of 50 students from Salzburg universities completed an Erasmus + overseas residency in the UK each year.

Four more from Salzburg are coming

There are currently eight students from Salzburg universities studying at Erasmus + institutions in the United Kingdom. Four students from Salzburg universities are expected to plan to start their residency in January 2021. This is still possible because the exit agreement provides for unrestricted participation in the ongoing “Erasmus + 2014-2020” program. All projects approved during the current program period will continue to receive EU funding for the entire duration of the project.

Turning to Ireland

In the long term, OeAD expects to postpone future applications to Ireland or the Nordic countries, which also offer study programs in English.

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