Biden swears, he’s the 46th President of the United States: Democracy won

(Teleborsa) – ‘I solemnly swear to faithfully serve the office of President of the United States and to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution as much as I can. God help me.

He speaks in ritual form, before Chief Justice John Roberts, on an old woman Family Bible, Caught b Jill’s wife, 12:00 pm on January 20, 2021, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. At 78 years old he became 46 President From United States of America, The Older To take over First from Delaware And the second Catholic distance John F. Kennedy.

Settlement between Barriers and prohibitions, at Washington Armored MarkingInauguration Day Thousands of Army From the National Guard to fortify and defend U.S. Capitol building After the Ansar attacks Trump card The last few days.

Highlight Kamala Harris: The first female African American and Indian vice president in American history, Harris He swore in the hands of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor over two gospels: one Regina Shelton, kept by Kamala and her sister Maya Second mother: The other by civil rights symbol Thurgood Marshall.

The brilliant absentee, of course, now Former President Donald Trump Which, for several days, announced that he would I deserted the party. Bipartisan applause, Instead of that Mike Pence and his wife When they left Capitol Hill to take their seats in the outdoor bleachers.

“This is the America Day, Democracy, History, HopeFirst words from Joe Biden In his inauguration speech at the White House. “Democracy prevailed. “ he added.

a Deliberately comprehensive opening speech. “I will put it all down My soul is to unify the nationHe said, addressing all the Americans who were asked to help “unify the country.” “The United States – he continued – has a lot to do in this dangerous winter, Much to fix it and restore it. ” There was no missing Referring to The virus, which “claimed more victims than Americans.” They died in World War II. But there was no shortage of a message of hope: “We can beat the virus.” Then one promise: “we will win Supremacy of whites and homegrown terrorists. “ “We have the Senior Vice President, Kamala Harris: Don’t tell me things can’t change..

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The Tone, ring Always Calm and tranquility, no more disagreement:I will be President of All Americans – He confirms – I will also fight for Those who did not support me“. a New America, ready to turn the page: “The The world is watching. We will mend our alliances. “

So the new American president promised to re-establish Respect for the truth They called for a “rejection” of culture Manipulation of facts, indirect reference to Donald Trump, never Publicly quoted. “I know – Biden said – that talk of loneliness can sound like one Crazy imagination in this days. I know that the forces that divide us are deep and real. I also know that it is nothing new. But Unity is the only way forward. ”

Stressing that the country is ready. “A difficult plight, “from the epidemic, from” an attack on democracy and truth, “from
“Inequality and Systematic Racism”, “The Climate Crisis” And so warning “We will be judged by how we meet these challenges.”, is over: “It’s a time of courage.”

“good greeting Good job for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. It is a great day for a democracy whose importance transcends American borders. Italy is ready to face the challenges of a common international agenda with the United States, “ He tweeted on Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, In a letter in Italian and English.

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