Bremen coach Uli Werner in an interview: “We have developed very reasonably”

in Bundesliga-climber Werder Bremen With Uli Werner, a young coach is somewhat on the sidelines. In an interview with sportsBUZZER, the sports portal of the German Editorial Network (RND), speaks to the 34-year-old about the differences The second leagueThe psychological pressure of trainers and his social commitment.


Mr. Werner, you worked as a gardener for several months during your stay in Australia.

that’s right. I funded this time in Australia with lawn mowing and other work. However, I can’t assign a name to each plant. More like cutting and trimming everything to make it look believable and nice too.

Some plants need a lot of attention to grow. How is it with the team and when is it in full bloom?


You never accomplish team development. Unexpected things can always happen, and as a coach you have to react to them. I think we’ve grown very reasonably over the past year, albeit with contradictory missions. So for the first half of the year we were actually the favorites week after week in the second division. But in the Bundesliga, the others are usually the favourites, while we, as promoted teams, are the underdogs. It can happen that you lose two or three matches in a row. Despite this, we have been able to offer attractive, attacking football that – and this is very important to us – matches the strengths of our players.

Where do you think she is?

I don’t see us as a team that waits for changes in our own half, but as a team that finds good solutions when we have the ball. Team up with creative players who have their strengths in attack. We have to take that into account. There is no point in playing exclusively defensive football with a team as some defenders may have greater strengths in the game than they do off the ball.

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Werder have lost four of their last eight matches before the winter break, but have also won four. Jump or higher then?

First of all, I would like to say that, except for the match against Bayern Munich, we managed to keep up in all matches – a good sign for a rising team. Keeping up isn’t enough to get points every time, but when the games get close, you know you’ve done a decent job. For the games to be close, you have to push yourself to the limit week after week in order to win the game in one or two situations that may arise.

How difficult is it to move from the second division to the Bundesliga?

There are serious differences. For example, while many teams in League Two play long balls, you see it much less often in the German Bundesliga, where the playful aspects are more dominant. But the biggest difference is the individual quality. If you lose a ball halfway through in the Bundesliga, there is a good chance your opponent will have a chance to score. In the second league, this risk is lower because the opponent may commit a technical foul in such a situation, play a pass incorrectly or lose pace on the way to the goal.

Is psychological pressure greater for the coach?

Pressure situations can eventually arise at every game in professional and top-tier sports, no matter the league. When it became clear at the final stage of last season that promotion would be possible, objectively speaking, it meant greater pressure, especially from an economic point of view. However, I personally see the goal rather than having to give in to pressure. I’m as tense or relaxed before the game today as I was in the second division or in the regional league. For me there is no difference.

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They are committed to helping the homeless and people who depend on food donations. How ridiculous is a World Cup that is supposed to cost US$220 billion?

Frankly, this is absolutely ridiculous, because such a staggering amount has nothing to do with other, more existential issues than football. In many cases, improvements can be made by simpler means. The fact that things are not fair and that you are constantly asking yourself why so few have so much and so many have so little is not just the case in football. Plus, as someone without a great past as a player, I probably wouldn’t be able to work professionally today if there wasn’t so much money involved that there are youth academies that need coaches, for example.

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