Boston Celtics reduces locker room frustrations after losing to the Miami Heat

Lake Buena Vista, Florida – After the Boston Celtics blew their second straight lead in the second half and lost 106-101 to the Miami Heat Thursday night, the Celtics goalkeeper Marcus Smart He was yelling at his locker room mates before leaving the room and swearing, according to ESPN’s Malika Andrews.

Smart left the locker room shouting, “It’s all on some bulls —” according to Andrews, and there was a lot of loud clanking – like someone throwing things – coming from inside it, while there were many players, other than Smart, were shouting.

Although Smart was left without speaking to reporters after she was asked to watch the second match of the Eastern Conference Finals in the NBA, those who did speak – Celtics coach Brad Stevens, the guards Kimba Walker And Jaylen Brownforward Jason Tatum Everyone tried to downplay the situation.

“It was nothing,” Walker said. “it was nothing.”

“The men were emotional after a difficult match,” said Stevens. “a huge loss”.

“It’s just really, really, a lot of emotions flying around,” Brown said. “Obviously, we feel we could have won, we should have won, but we didn’t. So it’s just a lot of emotions flying. That’s it.”

“I don’t know who said that,” said Tatum. “I mean, we’re 0-2. I mean, we’re disappointed, but this is a team sport.

“We are not supposed to be happy that we lost 0-2, but nothing out of the ordinary, just talking about the game. It’s great. We have to prepare for the next game.”

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To do so, the Celtics will have to find out what happened to them in the last quarter of Game 1 and the third quarter of Game 2 – both of which saw Boston’s double-digit lead (14 points in Game 1, and 15 in Game 2). Boston was outmatched 37-17 in the third quarter on Thursday night, disintegrating in a barrage of missed shots and ugly turns.

Walker said, “Oh man, they overtook us.” “They got over us. It’s really unacceptable on our behalf. It was just a really bad quarter for us.”

“We didn’t keep doing the things we did in order to get us up and put us ahead. I think we felt comfortable, and these guys, they took a lot of it. They played hard. They played hard, they played more power than us. They wanted it.”

But even then, the Celtics managed to stabilize them. After taking a 15-2 lead, Boston led 94-89 before 4:25 left when Walker buried a triple-pointer, and it looked like the Celtics might be able to survive the disastrous third quarter.

Just when it seemed that the Celtics had all waned, they quickly collapsed again. Miami ended the match 17-7, including nine in a row, going from two trails to seven ahead with just over a minute to play.

And while the Celtics made it back to very close range thanks to straight three-pointers from Brown, his potential tie-in with a hat-trick from the corner in front of the Miami bench 15.1 seconds ago was long, and Jimmy Butler Hit a pair of free throws to make the heat game ice.

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We just have to be healthy, implement and stay together, ”Brown said. “That’s it. We feel confident about our abilities, and we feel confident about our game plan.

“We haven’t implemented it to the extent that we know we can. We played two short games at the end of the game, and we’re looking forward to the third game. We have to find a way to win.”

The Celtics fought hard against the Miami defense in the second half, going 5-15 from the field and making five turnovers. Boston faced similar problems during their seven-game Eastern Conference semifinals series against the Toronto Raptors, one that barely managed to survive after kicking two matches she was supposed to win.

Now, after doing so in the first two games of the series, the Celtics find themselves two matches away from elimination against the Miami side that was 10-1 in the playoffs. To add insult to injury, Butler himself said after the match that the Heat did not have as great talent as the Boston team – an advantage that should only advance in Boston’s favor if attacked. Gordon Hayward, Who was upgraded to Doubt before losing Game 2, can return in either Game 3 on Saturday night or Game 4 on Wednesday.

“This is what [defense is] It’s about winning trophies, “Butler said.

“This is how we’re going to win. We have to make it harder. We have to get it out of the mud, we say, because on the talent front, I think Boston has an advantage.”

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So far, whether conquered or executed, Boston has not been able to play at a steady level in an entire game. Because of that, the Celtics find themselves in a losing hole in the series.

“We haven’t played a full 48 minutes of confinement and put into practice the game plan,” Brown said. “I feel like maybe about 75 percent, we played really well. It’s always one quarter or one sequence of events where we have lapses, and against that team, we just can’t get it.”

“If we remove that, we will prevail.”

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