What does Prince Amakamara release to Las Vegas raiders mean?

Cornback Prince Amukamara He was released by raiders on Monday.

The veteran full back, who signed a deal with the Raiders in the off-season after being sent off by the Bears, is teamless again.

But in order to understand why the invaders cut off Amukamara, it comes down to why he was signed by the raiders in the first place.

The 6-foot, 205-pound rib has experience with giants, jaguars and bears respectively, and knows what it takes to play on the NFL team.

Although he only has 10 interceptions and six forced attempts under his name, it is his experience and veteran leadership that Las Vegas has been looking to use him this season.

When Amukamara was selected, he was an insurance player in case rookie Damon Arnette was unsuccessful and / or struggled through training camp and early matches.

Additionally, with Trayvon Mullen recovering and returning from a Head and neck injury late last seasonIn fact, Amukamara was Mullen’s insurance, too.

However, trainer John Groden must have really liked what Arnette was doing in practice, even with the limited training and limited training time the Raiders had this boot camp.

Gruden saw no use of Amukamara in this team after what both Mullen and Arnette seemed to be doing well early in the season.

And with Isaiah Johnson expected to start facing Mullen and / or Arnette, Raiders are betting on the next guys.

The only loss with Amukamara is his veteran presence and understanding of the game compared to the younger players who are now tasked with dominating the full back.

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The invaders made their decision and it was time for the young side’s corner team to prove Groden and General Manager Mike Mayuk made the right decision.

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