Boris Johnson urges caution as UK cases scaled back

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday asked residents to be vigilant about the health situation despite a drop in coronavirus cases in the UK.

Since the start of the summer, the country has experienced an explosion in cases attributed to the infectious delta variant, recently reaching 60,000 infections a day, although it now appears to be declining with 24,950 infections on Monday.

But even so, the prime minister, who on July 19 lifted almost all restrictions still in place against the coronavirus, took advantage of a visit to southwest London to ask for caution.

He said, “The fourth stage of the release of confinement happened a few days ago (…) People should be very careful,” asking not to draw “early results” from the pedigree.

The improvement has left scientists somewhat bewildered, with the government and its advisory board at the start of the month forecasting more than 100,000 positive cases a day in Europe’s second-sadest-scared country due to the pandemic, with more than 129,000 deaths.

Among the reasons taken into account are the high temperatures last week, the end of the European Football Championship that caused many injuries and the success of the vaccination campaign, with 70.5% of adults with a full schedule and 88% with the first dose. .

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